Tell me Buddhists here and sympathizers, is this hate speech against you?

Discussion in 'Buddhism' started by Susma Rio Sep, Nov 27, 2006.

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    Such a warm person. :D
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    ...susma, at least u dont sit at guru so-and so's feet offering to clean his lotus like feet with ur tongue... so u get my vote... can't see where u have been hateful or abusive in this thread, maybe there are other threads I dont know about... yes, I have to say that ur buddhism isn't very good, but ur enquiring, so that can't be too bad, can it?

    as for ppl removing themselves from the boards and going on holiday, I reckon we all chip in and buy samabudhi a bus ticket, as the only person who has been mean in this thread is her/him... (joking samabudhi, I love u really, even if u think I'm crude and not worth speaking with)...

    as for ur post being taken as hateful towards other members there... well, it could be construed as such, yes, but only by ppl who are devoted and all starry eyed about buddhism... the whole disciplinic succession thing makes me laugh too... avatars of long dead gurus, bit too mystical and magical for my liking, but I've just been reading how they are uncovering st pauls basillica so that catholics can touch the coffin which contains the bones of a long dead saint, so don't be too suprised that ppl are eager to believe rubbish, they do it all over the world and in every religion...

    I find it amusing that ur so anti- yet so fervent... must be summat in it that grabs u...
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    Susma Rio Sep-

    Again, as I posted a while back, nothing particularly hateful is involved. However, that the paragraph in question which you posted at the beginning of this thread might inspire some ill-feelings is not exactly unbelievable. I mean, take a look at this line:

    Firstly, that's simply not true whatsoever. In fact, it would really take some unprecedented magic to demostrate this point in even the least bit. Buddhism and Buddhists already have contributed very much to mankind's civilization. Is this statement hateful? No, not really. Is it true? No. So, clearly, some people might be rubbed the wrong way by this post.

    Also, take a look at this line:

    Again, this is not really hateful, at all. However, it does certainly reflect a lack of genuine understanding of Buddhism.

    My point is simply this:

    1) I, as well as many other board members, don't think that this is really hateful.


    2) It is arguably inaccurate in its insight into Buddhism, and furthermore, uses this inaccurate insight as grounds for criticism. I don't see anything surprising about it rubbing some people the wrong way. To put it plainly, the paragraph, as a whole, does not reflect a familiarity with Buddhism so much as a desire to criticize it based upon assumptions which have not been appropriately explored and investigated for accuracy. It is not hateful, but some people take others opinions far too seriously.


    3) I don't really see what's so inconceivable about it causing problems in certain situations. Whether you're talking about Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or Bahai (to name a few), there will always be people that get a bit too excitable when criticism is posted about the tradition they follow, especially when the criticism is rather inaccurate. It's not a "Buddhist" thing at all,'s just people, and people get bent out of shape sometimes.

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    Thanks, everyone, for your participation, specially to those who do not see any hate speech in my opinion about Buddhism.

    I have a thread on the end destiny of man and life in Buddhism. I notice that Buddhists and sympathizers seem to be skirting the issue whether and what is the end destiny of man and life in Buddhism.

    What I am going to do now is to ask the question or pose the topic:

    The greatness of Gautama, why? ​

    You see, Westerners who take up Buddhism and Buddhists in traditional Buddhist lands who know about the 'sin' of idolatry in the West, don't see any idolatry or worship of man or non-God entities in the honor shown to Gautama in words, actions, and in statues and art works.

    So, what I want to find out is why then even denying Gautama any divine pretensions, the greatness of the man?

    Look up that thread.


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