Adam to Jesus 4000 years?

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Well, considering that many other religions don't see man in need of salvation, there is no reason to claim that they are saved by Jesus. But other religions have different goals, and variously claim that they are the only way to achieve such goals. For instance, Buddhism and enlightenment, Hinduism and moksha.

What about Judaism and Islam? Don't they each claim that the two other Abrahmic religions are wrong, and theirs is right?

ok point blank.. Did Jesus really live?? If you believed He lived then you have to reason He was a looney bird.. a liar... or he was telling the truth...

How many crazy people or liars have you seen walking around healing the sick and teaching wisdom as Jesus taught in His ministry?

So if He wasnt a liar or crazy He must have been telling the truth..

Which means that He is the only begotten Son of God.. He is the Way the Truth and the Life and no man comes to the Father but by Him... He is the great I AM.. He is from the beginning.. He gives eternal life to those that believe ON Him and IN Him.. HE has the power to give eternal life.. He rose from the dead and went to prepare a place for those that believe IN and ON Him.. He left a helper to help those that believe IN AND ON Him..

How can we get more clear.

He's not in a grave Hes alive.. He never sinned.. He is not in the same catergory as Muhammed.. We will never see it that way..
Quahom1 said:
There is nothing racist in my body.
You compared the behavior of people of an ethnicity (race) against two small countries. At this time in history I don’t think you could make a more racist and inflammatory comment. I only point it out because you further try to project it onto others by saying, “We know”. I recognize that and I sharply and openly rebuke it. I am ashamed that others are not more willing to do the same.

I appreciate that you (and most) people think they are NOT racist. I am. I have biases. How else can I identify it? The brain makes generalizations, filters information, and fills in missing data points. The best a person can do is to realize it, recognize it, and try to counter it. Do a google search on: “optical illusions”… see if your brain sees perfectly or if it connects dots, bends curves and straightens lines without telling you. The brain deceives and is discriminatory by nature. The only thing I can do is learn what the biases are, learn to see them, and counter them by thinking of other people’s souls rather than projecting genetic or cultural predispositions against them.

I ask everyone to watch a copy of the Jane Elliott experiment: Blue eyes and Brown eyes if you haven’t seen it. I don’t know what it takes for a person to see the racism, but seeing a repeatable experiment with innocent kids and people who always deny it helps identify what it is. Racism is pervasive and commonplace. It is similar to the way that everyone is a potential drug addict. If anyone tries to prove it wrong they soon learn the hard way what addiction is. I can’t change the brain functions but I can educate myself to recognize its frailty. The education of racism, like drug addiction, is paramount.

Quahom1 said:
You on the other hand have a lot to learn about discussions and debates. You speak your mind and I speak mine.
Speak your mind and feel free to make racist statements. Just don’t be surprised if I rebuke you for them, especially when you project them onto other people. I say to anyone who reads this: You do NOT speak for any majority of Christians, you do NOT speak for America or any country, and you do NOT speak for any ethnicity. Individuals speak from their own individual hearts and minds. If that hurts you then dwell on it, pray on it, and learn why.

Quahom1 said:
I do speak for mainstream Christianity, which you have clearly expressed you are not part of.
The pope doesn’t pretend to speak for mainstream Christianity... does he? Are you above the pope? Do mainstream Christians truly know you? You are the one expressing what some people are a part of. I am a disciple or student of Christ.

Quahom1 said:
I wouldn't dream of calling anyone oh say, and idiot, so I chalk it off to a mistake in terminology.
I am pleased to hear that you do not aspire to be an idiotarian. There is only one who called me an idiot here and I quickly forgave him. Please don't be the second.

Quahom1 said:
Your Qu'ran has no place here
It is not mine. I didn’t write it. You first wrote about Islam and Arab tolerance of Christ on this thread.

Quahom1 said:
So I know exactly what I'm talking about. It's called observation, experience and the school of hard knocks.
I don’t care if you are an Arab claiming to be a Muslim … it doesn’t make your statement any less racist.

Quahom1 said:
"We Christians" do not accept Islam, nor Muhammad, nor Imams nor clerics.
As a disciple of Christ I recognize that it is not what an individual hears and learns that defiles him… it is what he says.

Quahom1 said:
Paying "lip service" to Jesus is not the same as Worshipping Him and following His ways and depending upon His promise for salvation.
I know some Arab Muslims that do quite a bit more than pay “lip service” to God and prophets.

Quahom1 said:
I don't know who you think you are, but you've erred by thinking you can shut a Christian up in the Christian forum, on Christian concepts.
Do you like to guess at what I think and what my motive is? Please speak your mind. I find nothing Christian in your racist comment against Arabs and projections, so don’t be surprised as I persist to rebuke them.

Quahom1 said:
I suggest you calm down and be more respectful...
I fear that I have been too respectful. I am white, a citizen of the USA at least 4 generations back, and a disciple of Christ… so if you think I am speaking from self-elevating pride or that I am the least bit offended then you are sadly mistaken. I am ashamed by your racial comments and your defense of them. Try putting them in your own name as, “I think, I know, or I believe”… then maybe I won’t respond. Until then my open and public rebuke will persist.
Kindest Regards, Prober!
Got it - post 51.
So you did, a passing nod. OK, cool.

Sorry guys, but this thread got way off from anything I want to get into. Frankly, I don't even care to look through it. I see nothing that bears on my salvation, nor the salvation of anyone else. Just a lot of tinkling brass and sounding cymbols. And wasted energy.
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