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Hi All--

Anybody collect stuff? I got some LPs, some unusual musical instruments, some old, played with Barbies, lots of sheet music, and some....hmmm...maybe I'm not so much a collector as I am a packrat? Anyway, what do you collect, and how did you get started?

:kitty: stuff, cookware/bakeware, "receipts", "pretty rocks" (but not higher-class gemstones), books, knowledge...

I used to have a cameo collection (including the cameo my bubbe almost always wore), but someone in my former household absconded with them, probably all sold or given away to the person's/people's "friends".

I started with the :kitty: stuff because, well, you've read a few of my postings; the cookware/bakeware/"receipts" because I love cooking and baking (and trying new things, within reason); the "pretty rocks" started after a neopagan lady "tapped" me as a "healer" and several people in the community gave me different crystals (some that, like my cameo collection, have vanished); books/knowledge started because I basically follow the :kitty: path. :eek:

Sorry about the lengthy/boring post here. :eek:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
In the past I collected use...

I used to collect Gold when it was low and sell it when it went up over $700, haven't recently.

I'd like to collect apartment buildings or office buildings.

I collect books....lots of them, I was breaking them up in my bookshelves last night trying to organize them by topic. Casual Reading (fiction/nonfiction), Biograhies, Reference, Personal Growth, Spiritual, Religious, Sacred Texts, Entreprenuer/Sales/Money, Construction, Survival, Food/Recipes, Health, School books...

Rocks...not a lot, but me and the kids have some rocks and fossils...

Memories...I like to collect memories...
I collect gemstones (and pretty rocks:)), old books, foreign coins and currency and any interesting knick-knack that I think I might be super-valuable!

I don't know which weighs more, my books or my rocks.
I used to collect many things, but I sold it all a few years ago when I moved out west to start over. Strangely enough that gave me a feeling of freedom. But some of the antique furniture I sold off I had restored and lived with for many years.

Now I've managed to stuff a 2 bedroom apt. with new/old stuff I've collected at pawnshops and thrift stores over the past four years. I don't buy much these days except when my kids are here. They've got my genes you see. Got lots of interesting rocks also. That's a common thread here. Maybe most of us are reincarnated ancient Hebrews...huh ?

On some tuesdays I collect fresh bagels from a shop down the street where Mom and I go to eat breakfast every so often. But the bagels don't last long enough to become part of my collections.

I'm loving this thread. Maybe we should all get together and trade rocks.

And Phyllis--stop apologizing! Your posts are many things, but boring is not one of them. :)

I'm not much of a collector these days except for books. I love to buy books and I never want to get rid of them, although I'm happy to loan them! I used to collect spoons from different places I visited and when I was in my teens and 20s I collected rabbits (not the living kind!). If there is anything I inadvertantly collect (besides dust haha) it is purses. For some reason I love to buy bags and purses and I'm always in search of the perfect pocket book.