Catholic yoga: A Hail Mary with your Halasana


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[FONT=Verdana,Arial, Helvetica] In 1996, when Richard Galentino walked into a Georgetown University gymnasium for his first yoga class, he was not sure what to expect. For Galentino, raised in a traditional Italian Catholic home and educated in church-affiliated schools, this breathing-and-exercise discipline long identified with Hinduism was entirely new...

By rosary, he means the little bracelet with beads? He's basically combining a mala with pranayama, it looks like. It's a good way to enhance the religious experience without breaking any rules. Perhaps Catholicism lends itself to this though, what with the devotional attitude towards the saints and Mary; it's almost like bhakti yoga IMO.
i think the point of the story is two-fold. it tries to show how religions can combine themselves and create something good to some... and on the other hand it incites those that believe that there is a push towards universalism where people pick and choose from different religions and it's all good, which gives them more reason to be against it.
There are many forms of yoga. I was once taught a method of the Sun Salutation which while doing it the Lord's Prayer was recited.