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I’ve just spotted what I thought was a really interesting thread and got to wondering about all the threads on this site. I’ve only been a member since September (I know, it seems like an eternity) and obviously there’s lots of threads I’ve never even glanced at, let alone read or contributed to (I use that term very loosely). Even regular old hands probably don’t see every new thread that’s posted so I thought here’s a chance for you to recommend your Thread of 2006. (Sales pitch optional). Also, if you wish, your Thread of Any Year (well, since 2003 it seems).

Maybe (in a deeply nerdy way) those nominated could be voted on, or accredited, or put in a special Classics folder, or maybe I should just shut up now.

Anyway, in my limited experience of CR I’ll start the ball rolling (hopefully) with my nomination, the really interesting (that’s the sales pitch) thread I just discovered….

THE RUSH TO BE RIGHT (Started by Paladin).

OK, who's next....?

Ahhh, yes--that was a good one! Maybe the best, and I liked the ending (so far, that is). The Philosophy Board is not entirely desert. ;) I might vote for that oasis--lemmee look around a bit first. Edited: (T-shirt Burial Ground (Lounge) is a pretty good one, too, if I remember correctly).

Editing Again: Maybe The Amazing Pseudo-Haiku Chain?

Interesting concept...thread of the year...I see lobbyists vying for position, nominations going to best supporting thread, an award for magnificent postings, most impressive picture, best avatar, worst case of foot in mouth (only to be self nominated)....
...could we use PayPal to buy nominations????:)

Wil, my beloved cynic--where would we be without you? Stranded somewhere, wallets absconded with, naively begging some dark stranger for a dime, not knowing that the dime is never just a dime....


cynic, cynic...I do like snoopy's pay pal thought though....

The other night, singin carols, I contemplated suggesting we have a auction for the next carol request, highest bidder picks the next carol we sing and we donate the money to a local shelter or something...

I didn't do it that time, but it sounded like fun and I'm sure wouldv'e raised a little impromptu seasonal spirited money and had fun doing it...

anyhow my selection for thread of the year was started by one of our missing members....esoteric foundations of christianity
Let's have an award show in...VEGAS BABY ! Hmmmm...what might be an appropriate award ?

I know, an iridium plated prickly pear cactus segment. Iridium is a precious metal near platinum in the periodic table, and prickly pear plant segments are connected to each other and grow like fury. An apt set of symbolic representations for notable threads. Or we might just hand out empty spools.

I too have a certain fondness for The Rush to be Right, but I also like some of the threads last summer that related the Tao to the teachings of Jesus. The expanding universe thread that's running now is another, especially regarding our astute analyses regarding the cosmic effects of mayonnaise.

With that mind I'd sure like to hear from 17th on this matter.

I know how to harvest those little buggers and produce jelly! If I can contribute to the festivities, just let me know! (Searching for heavy-duty yet flexible gloves for the upcoming project).


Edit: I vote early for this thread.
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Now the fruit, the prickly pear, of the cactus, is absolutely precious, and the jelly scrumptious (especially if combined with hot peppers, oh your habenor prickly pear jams....delicioso) but iridium?? We use it to x-ray floors and find/avoid pipes, wire, rebar and cables prior to core drilling in office builidings...but I never thought it as precious. (Either did the tenents if they failed to remove computers, diskettes or memory cards from the vicinity)

We'll have to get the leagle begals to look into the ramifications of utilizing a radioactive award with spikes....while it fits the dangers of religious discussion between the vast expanses of conitinents, or the vaster distance across oceans and the sometimes the vastest between sects and denominations....I still don't know we can could cover the insurance premiums with our current membership fee structure.
wil and InLove:

Exceptions to my suggestions duly noted. Perhaps something more mundane than spiky radioactive plant segment representations would be better.. Gold plated donuts perhaps ? That would probably be more acceptable to the TSA folks when thay frisk award winners at the airports.

Yes--it is truly a mystery. :)

Edit: As is the purpose for simultaneous posting. I do this with luna all the time--nice to share it again with you, flow!:cool:
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Is that thinking outside the box or in? Enquiring minds want to know? (You know, Ben Franklin had an interesting way of promoting himself--I mean besides the airbath thing and all).
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This just in from the Lounge Lizard Lobby: Why is this thread where it is? SnoopShoop?

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It can be quite distressing when that happens, especially if you are also feeling queasy. :eek: :D
This just in from the Lounge Lizard Lobby: Why is this thread where it is? SnoopShoop?
I was wondering the same thing. Perhaps it about our Beliefs regarding which thread is the best? Which thread has the best Spirit? Perhaps it is about the manner in which we go about choosing it? Hmm.