scriptural basis for christian objection to homosexuality

Well the only real arguement is the fact homosexual people cant reproduce without a 3rd party.. therefore they can never have children.. thusly they cannot progress the religion
Funny that the bible doesn't condemn lesbianism like it does male homosexual behavior...I wonder why?
I might have an answer for you - a little later. By way of a quick comment for now:

There is no mention of lesbian love in the OT. We therefore surmise that the Christian doctrinal objection to homosexuality among women is based on a single phrase about natural/unnatural relations from Romans 1:24-27 Note that it's mentioned in passing: "Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones." Note: Paul's mention of it would appear to be a comment on a historical situation; it's not a clear doctrinal statement concerning the moral/spiritual significance of sexual preferences. That is, there's no clear statement of the spiritual significance of sexual preference or behavior or their potential impact on a person's salvation.

OT references to male homosexuality suggest that it was seen as a crime. The question is why. I'll get back to that later. In the meantime, there is no explanation of its potential impact on a person's salvation. The fact that the Old Testament doesn't have much to say about the soul's future might have something to do with that.

As for the New Testament, I don't believe Jesus himself ever said anything about gayness. And still church groups would have you believe that there is a scriptural basis for their views, attitudes, and policies. Consider earlier this year Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, recently affirmed what is called "the classical Christian doctrine on sexual morality," which includes a stand against "gay sex."

In the same article we find a survey of Protestant Christians in Britain: "81 percent continue to believe that homosexual activity is sinful. Only 3 percent of those polled believe homosexual activity is not a sin."
Archbishop Williams Affirms Christian Doctrine Opposing Homosexual Acts - Catholic Online

I think it would be fair to say that there is virtually no scriptural basis for Christian objection to homosexuality. Whatever elaborate positions religious groups have been espousing over the years has involved layers of assumptions and inferences, with no meaningful explication as to the moral/spiritual significance of sexual preferences and only a single reference to lesbian love from someone who was writing long after Jesus was gone.

It is astonishing to me that anyone would refer us to Church theologians as though doctrine and theological argument could have authority without reference to scriptural proof.