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לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות
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Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the d
lol... Did anyone (English people) See this show last night? Unreal...

For those who didn't I will do a run down... The shows last 30mins each Started last night at 23:00 and there are two shows so goes on for an hour. Will be on again next Monday on channel: Challange. I doubt there are many that will appreciate it, but for those that would they deserve to know!

Starts with four people the aim is, to survive and not to be eliminated.
Each round someone is eliminated. From being able to win the car.. Now from what I saw from the first two shows was this..

The first rounds consisted of a “hands on the buzzer” game. On the first game, the buzzer’s were wired into the players and every time they pressed the buzzer they got one hell of an electrical shock. The other hands on the buzzer game consisted of making the four drink 7 litres of water before the show then sitting them in these specially made toilet cubicles. When they wanted to “buzz” in and answer a question they had to pee…. Lol

Second rounds!! First consisted of a naked race.. They got three quite large and elderly naked people in to the studio, you had to piggy back the naked person to the end and back, wheelbarrow the naked person to the end and back, and then leap frog the naked person to the end of the track and back… The other second round consisted of two large wrestlers, basically beating each contestant up while the “host” asked questions in a time limit..

Third round, they asked you to finish song lyrics while kind of gagged, and sitting under a pigeon pen, the pidgeons kept pooping on the people :O The other third round you had to buzz in to answer questions, every time you got a question right you got given a piercing.. This guy had his ears done three – four times and his nipple lol

Then there is only one left!! You’ve won the car!! That’s it… Right?

Nope, you then have to answer five questions… and the prizes are parts of your car….

Get the first question wrong, you have to take a baseball bat to the car and smash off the wing mirrors..
Second question wrong, you have to slash the seats.
Third question wrong, you have to spray paint the body work..
Forth question wrong, take out the head lights
Fifth question wrong you have to cave in the windshield.

So as the host says; "You could be driving away in your brand new car! Or paying someone to tow it away."

Worth seeing once, tiz an experience.