Money taken from charity to fund Olympics?


If you feel like me that taking money away from charities and good causes to fund a shortfall in the Olympic funding is wrong I would like to encourage you to sign up to the petition (and send this email on to others).​


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Defend funding for local voluntary and community organisations.
Namaste Snoop,

Now I have no knowledge of how lotteries work on your side of the pond. Over here in the colonies it is just another form of regressive taxation. Across the board the more education was has and the more money one has the less they spend on the lotteries.

And these lotteries were almost all started to create with some altruistic its going towards education and such...(I don't think we have any that fund private charities just public programs) But in the end they all get routed in some sort of manner later on by our public officials..

Nice to see you guys may have some sort of control...
Where will the money come from?

  • central government: £6 billion
  • lottery: £2.2bn - Ms Jowell says that after 2009 she plans to "transfer" £425 million from the Big Lottery Fund and £250 million from other good causes to the Olympics>/li>

Channel 4 - News - 2012 Olympic bill tops £9 billion

Ms Jowell is our Culture Secretary. Fear not if you don't have one; politicians are the same greasy pole climbing self-servers the world over I believe.