anyone goes mudridden on this page????

anyone have 4x4s on here i do, and i go muddin, soo i was wonderin if anyone else on here did?
Out west we used to use 4x4s to get back where you couldn't get to. Or them and dune buggies to play around on Sand Mountain (a large solo roving sand dune in the middle of a sage brush desert.)

When I moved back east in '85 there wasn't the selection of public property to traverse and camp in the middle of nowhere...everything was posted...and I met folks who bought vehicles and then drove them into the mud on weekends... I never really understood it. I suppose I could enjoy doing that to someone elses...but getting things dirty and scratched up for fun and then spending time cleaning them...guess I'm an old fuddy duddy.
Many people in UK have them when they don't need them... And then you meet them down a country road where it is too small to pass and they expect you to go up on the side.... I kicked the sh... Hell out of one guy for that... Really gets to me that crap. I could do with one....

A: Live in the country
B: Have three dogs.
C: Can then become the annoying pr*ck that everyone else hates :D

Road rage *sniffs the air* mmm that's good stuff.
P: errrmmmmmm. Psssst. 17th Angel, come here, I've something to tell you. Closer. Closer...

Pathless slams a needle full of tranquilizer into 17th's shoulder

P: But I agree with him. Big trucks irk me. Especially hummers. What you gonna do with a hummer in the 'burbs?? Heck, even in the country? Anywhere?