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How to moderate CR has been a serious challenge, but I had a quiet word with the staff last year suggesting that we try to be as "hands-off" as possible with moderating.

This is not least so that we don't convey the impression of actively trying to stifle discussions or even police opinions.

So far it seems to have worked, but recent events have reminded how important it is to ensure there are limits.

CR is as inclusive and tolerant as we can make it, but that means we have to draw the line in the following areas:

- proselytising
- personal attacks
- attacks on other people's faith

There are always going to be grey areas, but the bottom line is that no matter how a strong opinion someone may have, let's not make it personal, thanks. :)

Also, recent issues pushed to a head that some boards simply require more attention than others, and that having just a couple of staff on a really busy and contentious board just wasn't fair - either to them or the members.

In that regard, I've now set up all staff as Super Moderators, which basically means they can moderate any section as required.

The aim is to allow for more help when discussions turn awkward, as well as allow a breather for moderators who may feel they're getting sucked into events.

Really, there should be no visible change to how CR operates, but hopefully it will make everything a lot easier on everybody. :)

Also - a public thanks to all CR staff for the time, effort, and energy they've put into CR: Agnideva, bananabrain, bgruagach, brucegdc, dauer, juantoo3, lunamoth, path_of_one, Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine, Quahom1, and Vajradhara.

And also a public thanks to all CR members (too many to mention!) for being patient with us, even when things have gotten tough, and also for making CR a genuine community and a real example of interfaith at work. :)