"Junk" DNA?


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What is the deal with the "unused" 97% of our DNA? Is it crap, leftovers, redundant? Or is it practically divinity waiting to be unlocked? :eek:

For your consideration:

The conventional slant (quoted from wikipedia junk DNA entry):

In molecular biology, "junk" DNA is a collective label for the portions of the DNA sequence of a chromosome or a genome for which no function has yet been identified. About 97% of the human genome has been designated as "junk", including most sequences within introns and most intergenic DNA. While much of this sequence may be an evolutionary artifact that serves no present-day purpose, some is believed to function in ways that are not currently understood.
and the controversial slant (from some people called Weinhold who have presences here and here):

Russian scientists have discovered that the 97% empty space in our DNA isn’t empty. They believe it is filled with something called torsion wave energy.


Dr. Glen Rein found that when people felt genuine anger in the presence of these cells, the DNA molecules in the test tubes contracted and knotted up like a braid of hair. However, when they felt love, kindness, gratitude and compassion, the DNA strands would unwind. This provided a solid connection between love and torsion wave energy showing that love is the primary emotional/energetic quality that shapes the DNA molecule and causes evolution to occur.
What do you think? Is your DNA getting turned on? :D :D ;)
Yeah, I think it is called the tip of the iceberg.

All new info in this realm...go ahead clip off some of those links and see what is created...
eh? What? Errrr? Ummmm?

I was trying to be somewhat objective in my presentation, but I think it ended up just being garbled. ;)

Objectivity aside, I'm not sure that this thread will be welcome in the "Science and the Universe" area. It may be more appropriately booted to "New Age."

What humans have been seeing in themselves thus far is a two-strand DNA. I'm not sure that anyone knows if there are more potential strands, but there are definitely those out there--marginalized in pseudo-science, "new age", or mystical categories--who feel like the 97% of DNA that has been conventionally labeled as "junk" is anything but that.

What if entire portions of our human selves have been lying dormant? What if we've been operating with two strands of DNA out of a dozen, or a couple dozen, or a hundred? What would happen if somehow the rest of our DNA began to come online, and we began to wake up to what "being human" is really all about? It would be beyond any scientific revolution or even a revolution of consciousness. It would be a complete restructuring of who we are and what is "real" for us.

So I think. And it's fun to think about this stuff, I think. Are we only a small percentage of what we could and should be, a shadow of our former or future selves?

And just what is going on? ;) :p

I always love to throw that last question in for good measure.

Tip of the iceberg indeed. ;) :)
Kinda like we only 'use' 10% of our brains?

I should apologise as I was trying to make a 'funny' with my first posting...

Very interesting concepts being touched on but I should bow out cos I know next to nothing about DNA, genetics etc...

What if 100% of our DNA is being utilized right now...

Speaking of New Age I have read some stuff somewhere about the '10 lost strands'.

So what if there are 12 or 144 or 1000 strands right now?

And we can only see 2 and only see 3% being utilized and the rest are being utilized in other universes, other planes of existence, other time periods...

What if WE are only the tip of the iceberg?

Just what IS going on?
Perhaps you are on to something here, Pathless. Coming from a Christian background, I am one who believes that when Adam and Eve fell from grace, the whole human race fell along with it. Sorta like a system crash or a virus in a computer that louses up the system.

Consequently, the human race effectively "died", not just in the inevitable physical and biological sense, but also the spiritual and metaphysical sense. You will notice that when God told Adam in Genesis 2:17: "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." Yet they obviously lived on for several centuries, Adam reaching the age of 930 years, according to Genesis 5.

But something happened, because the day they did eat it, they became ashamed. Something fundamentally happened in that instant. There was a system crash. And though, due to the fact that they had perfect genetics before the Fall, and quite possibly have had eternal life, those genetics became instantly flawed. Yet again, they were able to live much longer than anyone now could dream of living, in fact the next ten generations or so lived out extremely long lives...until the Flood. After that, perhaps because of greenhouse and other environmental effects, the lifespan got gradually shorter and shorter. The DNA became more corrupted.

Maybe all that "junk" DNA was active back in the beginning, but became useless because of the fall. When we consider the condition of Jesus after the Resurrection, one cannot help but notice that Jesus was able to do some pecular things, like go though closed spaces, appear and disappear at will, yet He was also able to eat.

I know I'm not being very scientific here. And I admit I'm biased to the Christian world view. But you would think that all that junk DNA should have served some purpose at one time.