Religion. The most culpable?

It would have to be....

  • Christianity

    Votes: 7 77.8%
  • Islam

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Hindusim

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Islam

    Votes: 1 11.1%

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Consider the following religions;


During the preivious 2000 years, the leaders and followers of which, have been the catalyst for the most unrest, the most spreading of racism, oppression, lies, aggression, desire for control, etc, etc..?

It's just to get an idea, obviously we can then go into thing in more detail..
Darn, I messed up the poll.

The last option should be Judiam, and not Islam again!

Overall, I went for Christianity.

I realise that Islam is flavour of the month to blame, however, I am sure with a little research, that we would see the damage that Christianity, in all of it's forms, has done, is far more than that of Islam.

Generally, the Hindu's are relatively peaceful, while the Jews, well, they have been accused of everything from the invention of communism, to the invention of capitalism, and there are those who feel that rich Jews, and Zionsit have too much control over US and UK media, plus of course, Israel is a nation of mostly Jews, who are in perpetual conflict, but no, after balancing it all out, I would say Christianity....
I think he's forgotten a few. Them agnostics can be testy fellows too.

Over past 2000 years,,,kind of 'weighted' question with only one rational answer.
I know. But then the name's such a give away; "The Salvation Army". D'uh.


and all other faiths have good teaching, I can not stress that enough.
But, I myself came to an age when I'd gone crazy and I knew in my heart I have to choice and follow the best, even today I still do comparative religion and tradition studies. The reason why I choice Islam is because it is against, things like Nationlism, Racism and etc. that we face here in the world today, yes even today in the year 2007. Allah {STW} even says about that Islam is for the whole world and is not for a group. and the word Islam is has nothing to do with a person, location or traditions. This is something I say over and over because I can't stress it enough. "Religion is perfect, but culture has flaws and is not perfect. If you mix something that is perfect with something that is not perfect than you don't have something perfect anything except you have something that is changed (currupoted). this is why if something is kept the same and is in it's original form and is perfect." The prophet Muhammad {SWA} warned like any faith, Islam will divied into many groups, and he even said those who do slipt into diffrent groups are no longer in the stragith path. For example: Sufism, Shiaism, Ahamaddies, Druzes, Nation of Islam, Wahabaism, Salafism. Notice these groups have errors such as beliving in old traditions mixed with Islam. Also looking at NOI and Wahabism which speards racism, which you note is against what Islam teachs :) lol! it's funny when you actually study you can realize the flaws. Another thing Druze, with the idea of reincarnation to come back to this world? which is against islam. Ahamaddyyia says that their teacher/prophet was manifestation of the massiah, jesus, mohammad, and the hindu dieity Krishna? I don't even have to type anything for this one lol.
the most guilty would be those who claim to represent the God of the bible . but are doing bad things out of line with Gods word the bible . but ALL false religion is near its end . have a read of this link
The End of False Religion Is Near!
There was a pretty freaky programme on about Scientology, on the BBC, last night.

However, at least Scientology (not recognised as a religion in the UK, but is in the US), does not have hundreds of years, thousands of years of blood on it's hands, albeit, it does sound a little whacked out!