Different versions of the Bible

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Hi everybody!

I once saw a version of the Bible that was entirely in comic-book form. Even though it was fairly thick, I imagine that a great deal of the Bible had been left out. Still, I am sure the main stories were covered.

I actually bought the comic-book version, and gave it as a present to a girl at a kinsinyera (sp). That is when I first saw it. The idea was, most teenage girls would not sit down and read the Bible, and it was thought this was a version she might actually read.

Has anyone else seen this comic-book version?
I have run acrossed it, but I have never seriously looked at it. Next time I will.

Now I'm curious. Thanks.
No kidding...I wonder what version it came out of. Probably not a KJV although could be...but more likely a Message style...hmmm...now I want one.

....appears there are a number of them...check out this one...and review number 4
Shoot, I just made a thread asking what version people read from. In some younger sunday schools that I have visited I notice study materials that are often cartoons, or flannel board stories along with written scripts for the teachers to read.

Yes, there seem to be several different vesions. Mine was cloth (not paperback), had a red cover, and was maybe 400-500 pages.