The Prison Gaza


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As Gaza descends yet further into bloody wave of fighting between the fatah and hamas factions it seems Israel is poised once again to roll its armour back into the Gaza strip. But is not Israel directly responsible for the seething tensions within Gaza? And is it not abundantly plain now that this has been the Israeli strategy all along.

Gaza has been given the illusion of withdrawl of Israel but it is in fact nothing short of a stockade or prison for the Palestinian people. With Israel in control of all access to the area, control of its airspace and coastal waters nothing can enter or leave Gaza without Israeli approval. They have forbidden the rebuilding of Gaza Airport and the area is constantly buzzing with Israeli surveillance drones.

For the people of Gaza life is desperate. 87% of them live on below $2 a day. Malnutrition and disease is rampant. Gaza only lacks the gas chambers and furnaces to turn it into a Nazi style concentration camp.

Israel repeatedly cites the firing of crude rockets into Jewish territory from Gaza for its own daily incursions with sophisticated American suplied helicopter gunships. Almost invariably this results in the deaths of yet more innocent civilians. The proportion of schools and hospitals hit by Israel is claimed to be accidental but how can we swallow that line week after week, attrocity after attrocity. The Hamas rockets are wrong but are short range and Israel has the power to create a zone where these rockets become useless. That is if indeed, given the history of Israeli tactics, these rockets are fired by Hamas at all.

Israel is shameless and ruthless. It has become the evil that was defeated in order to bring about its very creation. It is a monster that the world has to unite against in condemnation. The many UN rulings against it have to be acted upon. Stopping Israeli facism is a pivotal key in reducing middle-east tension. Hating what Israel is doing is not anti-semitic. It is anti-facist.

It is high time the global community united in bringing sanction to and isolating Israel.