Coffee Allows Christian Groups to Bring Jobs, Gospel to Uganda


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FRANKLIN PARK, Pa. (AP) - Thirty workers at a Ugandan coffee farm thousands of miles from here plant the seeds of a venture that allows a group of western Pennsylvania Christians to bring jobs and the Gospel to one of Africa's poorest countries.
The nonprofit Christian East African and Equatorial Development Trust, which runs Ugandan Gold Coffee, is a network of Americans, Ugandans, coffee shops and distributors who plant, harvest, blend and sell coffee grown on a 36-acre farm in Uganda's Bunyoro-Kitara region, a former kingdom that has strong Anglican roots.
The venture has created more than two dozen jobs in an area where about 60 percent of people are unemployed. Profits are returned to Uganda to help meet basic needs. This year, the money went to dig 11 water wells...

Every dollar in excess of the cost to grow, ship, process, package and market the coffee is returned to Uganda to be plowed back into the economy to assist in improving the lot of the people at the ground level. No huge overhead, no corruption raking off dollars, just money and programs going directly to the people in the Wambabya region most in need.

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