Automatic Weapons in Tye-Dyed Country: A Progressive Town Under Siege


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This past weekend, the peaceful and progressive town of Moscow, Idaho was struck by a violent rampage of automatic weapons. Four people--the shooter's wife, a police officer, a church groundskeeper, and the shooter himself (a suicide)--were killed late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, and several others were injured, including a 20 year-old University of Idaho student who armed himself and left his house to respond to the shootings.

This hits very close to home for me as I was in Moscow at the time and was among a hundred or so people who were holed up in a bar as the situation unfolded. Many of us stayed for hours, until we got word that it was safe to leave. Not to sensationalize the situation, but to come to terms with my own experience and to offer a human account of these types of scenes, I wrote an account of that night, which you can read here.

An informative, unedited recording of a press conference held yesterday can be viewed here. This reveals an impressive community-based response, stressing that events like this are extremely rare and abberant here.