The Generative Forces

Bruce Michael

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Hello Companions,

Some thoughts:
From the Brothers-

"The topic of sexuality is usually not broached as it is beswept with the issue of Origin, not only in regards to propagation but in cosmic terms there are mysteries involved which are potent to Life, potent to potential, and potent of the past. Entire doctrines (such as the Eastern-Indian) are with understanding of the essential connection which streams into a man and out from a man bringing elements of cosmic fire and cosmic seed into the beingness of manifestation."​

"The sexuality of Man is redeemed in the celebration of reverence for his relationship to God firstly."​

From A.E. Waite:
"We must remember that there is no lawful act of life and no law of Nature which cannot be raised above its own degree by the consecration of motive."

You can find in the old Rosicrucian diagrams sexual symbols. The fact that human beings place sensual ideas on them is a problem with human beings, not the truths that they represent.

In fact you might call it Jehovistic rather than Luciferic; and the word "Jehovah" has been defined by Blavatsky as meaning male/female.

Jehovah brought in human reproduction through sex to counter the Luciferic element.

The problem we have in understanding it, is that the very highest has been polluted with the lowest. And why would it be otherwise? The opposing forces are not stupid.

"what has happened is that the human being has become the image of the gods in the very organs which are normally called the organs of his lower nature. The image of the gods has been debased in human beings as they are on earth.The highest principle in human beings, the spiritual principle coming from the cosmos, has become their lower nature....Our lower nature which is due to Lucifer's influence, was actually destined to be our higher nature. This is the contradictory element in human nature. Rightly understood it will solve countless riddles in the world and life."
-Rudolf Steiner

If you have a copy of Steiner's The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness you can read more about the old Rosicrucian sexual symbols and their deeper meaning. I think Dr. Steiner had a problem discussing these things because as he said folk were too facetious. Also they become easily inflamed.

The forces of regeneration of the physical body in the child, are the same which appear as sexual forces at puberty- according to Steiner.

All the ancient religions combined sex with their worship- phallicism etc. People think this has something to do with fertility etc. but that is not the full story. It had to do with the kundalini forces of the old clairvoyance- a path to the Cosmos. (The Medusa is a picture of this.)

Unfortunately things changed and this became an unhealthy path which would lead to illnesses. This is the story of Moses, who understood what was going on. This is the story of the brazen serpent and why the Israelites murdered all those folk- their fornication being part and parcel of their religion. (Temple prostitutes etc.) Emil Bock's, Moses, gives details- Floris Books.

So the spiritual path of today is of the heart and mind not through the root chakra as it was in the past. The snake is held by the head not the tail.

Incidentally Rahab (remember? she helped to Jewish spies), who was one of the temple prostitutes was one of the progenitors of Jesus.