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I'm Impqueen. I'm a pagan, and still working out the details of my belief. So far I can say for certain that I'm polytheist (not sure on the consistency yet... :p pretty hard though ... probably) and leaning towards animism. I worship the Earth but am coming to the conclusion it's not a god, not in the same way that Freya and Thor are (germanic forms of paganism are particularly interesting to me at the moment). I've been pagan for a while now, seven years maybe? I don't believe the gods need me to worship them so I can take my own sweet time to figure it all out. :D

Apart from that, I'm a twenty-eight year old British woman who works as a gardener and has a long-term partner. I already spend too much time on the internet, so I might not be one of your most regular posters, but I hope to make the most of it!
May I be the first, to warmly welcome you to CR... *holds up a couple electric heaters* A greenfingers huh? I enjoy gardening mucho mucho!!!! And from England I see? Awesome... Can never have too many people from my island! :D
Namaste and welcome Impqueen.

wonderful that you found us...yeah, the dirt and gardening and the net...all challenging for time.

Now if they could make a touch screen garden....oh that is what it already is...
England isn't an island. :p

Indeed not and I tend to think of myself as British, but wanted to be a bit more specific without sending out my address over the whole of the net.... :)
...still working out the details of my belief....
I gotta say I so enjoy your openness an honesty in this regard. I just read another of your posts on another thread where you said "I'm still figgerin' this out". Now we have our share of seekers here, but we also have our share of those that are positive that they are on the right path and they know all the rules of the path...of course most of these folks are in opposition to each other...

I just really appreciate your figgerin' and will enjoy watching the wheels turn in this regard.