Nurthus & the Virgin Birth

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    Rudolf Steiner didn't make any hard statements about the Virgin Birth. He suggested students investigate the mysteries of Nurthus- ancient Teutonic mysteries. Nurthus/Nerthus/Hertha was the Teutonic Godess of fertility- thanks to her we have the English word "nurture".

    This bloke has done a marvellous job correlating it all:
    What is Anthroposophy?

    The Madonna and Christ are Twin Souls, in that the Madonna is the feminine aspect of Christ: the Theotokos. The Madonna is not Mary the Mother of Jesus though. Mary is a highly placed soul but not the Creative Word.

    When the opponents ([/FONT][FONT=&quot]who revered Mary as the earthly mother of God) [/FONT][FONT=&quot]of Nestorius (died circa. 451), they felt they needed to remove significance from the Baptism as a "Divine Begetting"- as indicated today in Psalms 2, Hebrews, and Paul. Someone even went so far as to change the original text of St. Mark (1:11).


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