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Bruce Michael

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Hi Friends,

Lucifer was against the notion of Creation. It was his wish that the being of Man remained with Father God in Nirvanic sleep. Hence there would be no suffering. With Christianity we are faced with the problem of pain.

Christ is Incarnation. The Christian way is the redemption of Creation, not its desertion.

Lucifer devalues Creation and birth. The Luciferic teachings tell us to wander off permanently to some faraway place and leave our tasks. Incarnation in matter is evil or even a pregnant woman is evil, therefore the Lucifer cults recommend castration (as in Heaven's Gate), celibacy or sexual practices which will not lead to pregnancy- sodomy etc. and with minors.

Creation can be explained as follows:

"What part of the echo does not return?

Not all of the projection

so thrown comes back ...

not all is obedient

to its first issue -

For the echo can surely never encompass

the full sum in total;

it shall never resound

a complete and uttered capacity of

that voice, which was lent to it

from the first.

And, from that which idled behind

and stayed

became the Earth element

thus now remarkable

unto itself.​
-The Elder Brothers

"We are taught to believe that Lucifer, whilst brother to Christ, is also
part of our Christ. Christ the Whole is a fractional being also. He is not
however a composite and all that implies. (To say He was a composite would mean that it was they that made Him, rather than they are of Him.)"

"In speaking in terms of evolution and development there has never been a
comfortable explanation from the first for imperfection and regression - let
alone the need for evolving and developing - in regards to our having come
from Father God originally, who is Absolute Perfection. It is easy to
interpret the view of the unholy world, knowing that there is much yet to be redeemed and retrieved which requires its resonance defined, its shadow illuminated and its mass instilled with grace."

"As men we can bring in the holy powers through to our Earth element nature as manifested. As men, through Christ, we nurture both the spiritual and the physical realms, when we transmute the 'Earth sphere' with His goodness."

"Once again we are reminded of the influences of the Luciferic force, which
encourages men to be content and contained within their own field of activity - sensing disappointment elsewhere, they are taken with the false
loves that persuade them of themselves, rather than entertain many
certainties and joys without."

(Thus quoth the Master.)

Karma itself is the protector of our being.
Here's some more on the Indian Holy men who are revered as perfect, from
Valentin Tomberg's "Inner Development".
He says that through the processes of Indian occultism which includes
the rising of the kundalini through the crown chakra, a state of premature
perfection is achieved and hence these men appear as perfect masters.

By entering the nirvanic (sanskrit: blown out - like a candle), what is
imperfect in human nature will not be developed. A separation occurs,
the cream - what is pure and holy in human nature - separates of from the

With this is renounced a "great ideal" of the future.
"Thus every human soul stands at one time before the choice of becoming wonderfully holy or else at some time in the future - by working through many imperfections - of attaining a far off ideal, wherein all underdeveloped faculties implanted in human nature by the gods will come to fruition."

-Br. Bruce