what do you think about this?

I laughed until I realized it wasn't ironic.

First of all, Allah is not the God of Muslims. Go tell an Arab Christian that Allah is not God and he'll probably laugh at your face. Allah is (has become?) a word that means "God" in Arabic. I never really got why it was translated as Allah and not as God in the Qur'an. Al-lah. The God. Ilah means divinity. Al-ilah is The Divinity = God, Allah.

La Ilah ilala (=ila Allah, except for God) = There is no God except the God.

As for Allah being formerly a moon god.

We can find tons of things that were taken from ancient mythologies and legends in all religions. In Christianity, Judaism, all religions. This doesn't necessarily mean they're untrue.

I'd say this site is overall offensive to everyone in the whole world, including Christians, because it makes them sound like idiots.

Does God care what you call him?

oh damn, I'm doomed to eternal damnation because in my language, God is Allah. Oooh, oooh. what. shall. I. do.

This confusion is made worse by Bible translators who have translated the English word "God" as "Allah" in Arabic Bibles.

Sure. Because the Arabs, they had to discover Christianity thanks to the good missionary work of the English. It's not like we knew who Jesus was or anything. :rolleyes:

You posted another link to another comic from this Jack Chick person. The thing about salvation - I noticed the comics usually involved someone in the wrong who suddenly sees and understands and *lots of crying involved* is saved yippee yay.

Hm. Kinda reminds me what's his name, the guy who used to draw B.C B.C. (comic strip) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Johnny Hart.

Say, shadowman, I don't really get you. Are you a Christian or not? Are you posting these comics to make fun of this guy or are you convinced that he's right? It'd be nice to read what you have to say about that comic, instead of just posting the link ;)
I loath the comic and I find problems with just about every panel.
Every one here reflect his personality...

It is not new for us as muslim to read and see this offensive ,and we know how our religion told us to respect others.


and we call Allah the one to guide all to the truth
That is not to say I do not have a religious sense of humour: