Where Was Jesus From Age 13 To 33????


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I have read The Bible. I have been to Sunday School at churches of different denominations (Christian, Methodist, Church of God, etc.). And I've watched the great Rev. Billy Graham since I was a kid (30+ years). Yet not once was the subject even broached. Is it unChristian to ask? If so, why? I'm still asking and I still haven't found what I'm looking for.
I'm open to any and all answers with validity and/sources.
Thank You, one and all.
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It is a valid question to ask, and hard to believe if you've been asking it for years no one has provided you any answers...despite that there is no need to ask it three times in a row in this forum.

An internet search will provide you with much conjecture and little in the way of concrete answers. There are folks in India and as far as China who claim he traveled to their countries and studied with their masters. There are those that will point to certain teachings of his that indicate the eastern influence. Others will say he spent his time as a carpenter and studying Judaism in the temples...

It is a gap...where do you think he was?