come be my follower (mark 10;21)


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The way we choose to respond to that invitation affects us profoundly, it is the most important choice we will ever make . and because of a lack of love , many turn down the invitation of a lifetime .Anyone can be a follower of christ if he truely wants to,John 6;44why should you want to be a follower of christ? and just what is involved? we need leadership we can trust and respect, does Jesus meet that need? the answer to that is YES .........1 Jesus was chosen by Jehovah God .....2. Jesus set a perfect and an inspiring example for us .3 Christ fully lived up to his claim ....I am the fine shepherd....(John 10;14) we need to know then just what is involved in following christ . many feel that they have accepted Jesus invitation, but there is much more to it than just claiming to be a christian.