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Hello, everyone~! How is everyone doing? My brain feels mushy at the moment.

A member from a Buddhist forum, I go to, suggested I come here since I often make posts on the Buddhist forum that compares Buddhism to other spiritual traditions. I think this forum will help me find the answers I seek regarding theology.

A little about my spiritual background:

Both my parents grew up in Christian house holds but I grew up with opened minded parents. We talked about reincarnation, ghosts, aliens, ufos, and psychics. We never went to church as a family so, the only time I went was when I went with my grandma or if my sister took me.

I also experienced Christianity and the Bible through my peers. Since I realized death, I believe in God. Belief in God gave me the strength to not fear death but, I never identified with the Christian religion strongly. Some of my associates were a bit bothersome and neurotic. So, I was turned off by the Christian religion. I could not understand the Bible.

I was a very happy person until about the age of 24-25 that life became difficult for some reason. My happiness faded, I was very mindless. One day I quit my job and, since I live at home, I think I got the chance to catch up with myself. Suddenly a bunch of issues started to bubble up; fear, anxiety, sadness, depression, worry, despair filled my mind. Life felt burdensome and the smallest problem was discouraging. I wanted to give up, die, and kill myself. One day the pain of anxiety and this negativity was so overwhelming that I actually felt physical pain. I was rolling back and forth in my bed.

I sat up and popped open my little green bible, "New Testament&Psalms Proverbs". I opened to anxiety, read the verse, and got no relief." I then headed to the library in the house. I started picking up random books in search of some answers and relief, there had to be something that can help and explain with what I was going through.

That was when I found an old book my dad had titled, "Meditation in Action". The book talked about the Buddha and some concepts of Buddhism. The book explained not to blindly believe, to examine things under my own microscope, See things as they are and not as they appear. I found these concepts revolutionary, I did not know that I could be skeptical and not blindly believe.

I then went to the Buddhist forum and there I found some online Dharma talks. I loved them. Every single word the teacher was saying was medicine for me. It healed everything. All the negativity went away. Happiness, peace, freedom, and centeredness settled in. I experienced God.

Although I have a lot of confidence in my spiritual practice, the fear of following a spiritual tradition other than simply believing in Jesus means eternal damnation in a pit of hell is tough for me. It has a strong grip on me. I actually prayed to God if I could be both a Buddhist and Christian. To believe in Jesus and Practice the Dharma.

The grip is so strong that, when my peers would explain to me that the Bible says I will go to hell for being a Buddhist and can not go to God, bothered me. I began researching and researching to prove that wrong. I also started reading the new testament and found some things to be compatible with Buddhism. Jesus seemed as a Buddha to me. Or, the Christians are not Christians and Jesus is. Or something like that. However, apparently my interpretation of Jesus and the bible are against the main stream church.

So, I started reading books by Marcus Borg and Thich Nhat Hanh who bridge the gap between the two traditions. These books have been helpful. I can begin to see how Christianity is just as much about a spiritual path and way as Buddhism is, rather than belief in dogma.

Just recently I read something on the web on how the "Original Sin" Doctrine is rejected by Judaism and Islam and that it was founded by Saint Augustine and Paul 354 years after Jesus Christ. This is what brings me here. I am going to make a post about this now.

Thank You for reading my long post.

Hi, Manji, and welcome to the Forum!

A lot of people are interested in the commonality of all religions. You will find a number of people here interested in this topic.

Regarding the topic of the Christian God giving damnation for your showing an interest in Buddhism, there are a few people here who have also dealt with this. I hope their stories can be of help to you.
Hi Manji...Aliens and UFO's ? Looking forward to your perspectives on everything and my good wishes on your searches for answers. Welcome to CR.

Greetings Manji !

I'll look forward to your posts. I think in my past life I was a Buddhist. ;)

Salutations & Hare Krishna!

... Neemai :)
Hi Manji

If you are into meditation then I suggest tracking Snoopy down. He is my meditation guru, although I am totally rubbish at it - far too uptight.

Welcome and enjoy.