Aliens- not of our Creation

Bruce Michael

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Dear Companions,

One can perceive disease germs astrally; and they appear "blown up" as full size monstrous forms. William Blake had such an experience when he encountered the ghost of a flea:


In the same way folk often perceive these forms as "aliens". The word alien means "belong to another place or family" which is also a description of beings like "space people".

The Cosmos is not short of beings of every type and variety. Consequently there are many that have no place within our system. They belong to our Father's Creation, but are not part of our Creation. Otherwise it would surely be a "free for all', and we would be unable to define our specialness in relation to the rest- particularly at this time:
"If man was to accord himself, for himself, and mark out his place and identity within the universal home, how then could he summon out of his substance such a claimed identity, when distracted and persuaded by influences and natures so powerfully alluring, and colourful, to that of his own? Sameness leads to sameness."

The condition of aloneness we find ourselves in today was not always so. There was, not so long ago, a time spoken of in the Arthurian romances, when humans had free intercourse with heavenly beings:
"Once more this condition - not so easily established today in ordinary circumstances - will again become the way of future existence. The aloneness that is so upsetting to the being of man, and all creatures above and below, shall be overcome in the natural sense-experience; as was and is intended to be."

The separateness that we have been afforded does not only relate to beings outside of this evolution:
"by Christ we are given our separateness too, that we may not be lost to the mud-worms or their habitat of consciousness should we choose to visit them, and that we may be fully 'recoverable' from wherever we may venture into."
Christ has enabled us to keep our separateness that we may develop on our own. This is no small matter.

All quotes from the Elder Brothers.