October Birthdays

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    Hello, October children! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This thread is created for the special purpose of wishing all of you a wonderful month. I know everyone does not celebrate the same way, and some not at all, but hopefully a thought and a smile is okay to send out. If I have missed anyone who has logged in over the past year, or if you are an October person and have not listed your birthday on the Member’s List, feel free to join in and have some cake! Or maybe you have simply been reading and haven’t posted in a while—I’m sure folks here would love to know you are still around.

    On a personal note: I have been posting birthday threads since April, and I have always tried to greet everyone personally on his or her special day, As much as I love to do this, I may not be able to continue in the same manner as before. Due to health issues, I simply can’t post as often nor keep up like I would wish. But I’ll try and check in when I can, even if it is only to “bump” the thread every now and then. (By the way, I’d like to offer my apologies—I think I have gotten some of the zodiac symbols confused along the way. Not only this, but I have only had western-style zodiac sunsign smilies available, so the eastern traditions and all the stuff about elements, well—that was missing. Sorry….:eek:)

    Anyway, here’s to the following members:

    chakraman 1st
    (that's today! :))

    elme 3rd

    Mick 8th

    Victor 10th

    harishankar 16th

    jamaesi 16th

    tommy 20th

    JJM 21st

    okieinexile 21st

    tgarner 21st

    Agnideya 25th

    Awaiting_the_Fifth 31st



    (This month's confection provided by: http://www.annettescatering.com/service/birthday%20images/decorator%20birthday%20cake.gif)

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