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Olympia, Washington
I much prefer to read threads in threaded order rather than linear order. It puts each response in a more precise context, allowing me to follow the thread of a conversation.

Unfortunately that seems impossible. After a depth of 2 or 3 in a thread, and certainly below the dreaded "More replies beneath current depth" message, the replies are inaccessible. More often than not, clicking on them returns me to the top of the thread.

I can read everything in hybrid mode, and get some idea of context from the indented index. But that is cumbersome, and the links from the index still don't work.

I have used both Firefox (my preferred browser) and Internet Explorer with the same results.

Do you have any suggestions about settings that might improve this behavior?

sorry DrFree, Im only a very basic user and I just scroll down I generally can follow the gist of a thread, though. Im sure some of the more computer savvy guys here can help. love the Grey
I'm afraid past experience with the threaded view leaves the forums looking somewhat messy and disordered, so I haven't any plans to try and get them set up here.