The Stella Matutina & Edith Maryon

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    Hello Friends,
    Dr. Felkin, an original member of the Golden Dawn - later to form the Stella Matutina offshoot - was a student of Dr. Steiner. He worked in a different way from Steiner, but some of his students became anthroposophists. Steiner had given written instuctions to Felkin regarding his Rosicrucian ritual work.

    A famous member of the Stella Matutina is one Edith Maryon, a very talented sculptress, who at one time saved Steiner's life when he fell from some scaffolding. The anthroposophical work in Havelock North, New Zealand was seeded from Dr. Felkin's group (who arrived there first and set up a temple- the "first in the Southern Hemisphere".)

    Robert William Felkin
    Maryon was a very talented sculptress- more talented than Dr. Steiner (much to the chagrin of some anthroposophists). I once heard John Wilkes talk on this. He had prepared an exhibition at the Goetheanum, placing the marquettes for the "Representative of Man" sculpture with Edith Maryon's being the first. Some misguided enthusiast changed them around to make Steiner's models the first in line!


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