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Before I go any further, I would apperciate a quick run down on the actual spellings, terms, and terminology relating to Bahai.

For example, how do you even spell it? I have seen references to Bahai, Ba'hai, Baha'i. How about Ba Hai and Baha I?

Also, by what terms are the followers of the Bahai faith known? Bahais? Bahaiis?

Just after some quick instruction - and I may need to rename this board as a consequence. :)
The word "Baha'i"


The correct spelling is "Baha'i," and followers are called "Baha'i" (plural Baha'is).

It may help to remember the "baha" means "glory," and the suffix forms the adjective, so that "Baha'i" literally means "of Glory."

(And yes, the apostrophe is important, becuase it's the transliteration of a <silent> letter (a glottal stop) that changes the pronunciation of the word.)

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Hi Brian,

Technically, there are some accents that go along with the words, to indicate their proper pronounciation.

It should be " Bahá'í " and " Bahá'u'lláh " and plural is " Bahá'ís "

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Spelling of board now corrected. :)

EDIT: Ah, now, can I be excused from using accented vowels in the words? And welcome to CR, Geron. :)
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Yes, the English language is not overly found of accented letters - and neither are natural English speaker/writers, IMO. :)
Baha'i terminology (and spelling)

Oh! Three more important points.

The pronunciation of Baha'i is technically like "Ba-HIGH-ee," but most Americans simply say "ba-HIGH."

And Baha'u'llah (our Founder) is pronounced "ba-Ha-o-LAH." His son, 'Abdu'l-Baha, is pronounced "Ab-dol-bah-HA."

And you'll often encounter the word "Allah'u'Abha" (pronounced close to "Allow-Abha"), which means "God is Most Glorious" and is used by Baha'is world wide as a greeting. :)


Hi, and Peace To All Here--

BruceDLimber said:
And you'll often encounter the word "Allah'u'Abha" (pronounced close to "Allow-Abha"), which means "God is Most Glorious" and is used by Baha'is world wide as a greeting. :)
I realize this is an old thread, but I find it very interesting and educational. I recently threaded a discussion on the Comparative Studies board called "How We Greet One Another". This would fit in so well, and I wonder if you would like to contribute this information there, or if not, would it be okay for me to post it there by proxy?

I would also be interested in knowing whether it is appropriate for others to use this greeting when addressing Baha'is.

I hope you don't mind me asking--it seems an incomplete "study thread" without your input:) .


Hi, Love! :)

I haven't seen that thread, but yes, you're certainly most welcome to post the information there! :)

Yes, non-Baha'is can definitely use "Allah-u-Abha" for greeting Baha'is--or even others, if they like.

(And if you have any further questions, please ask away!)


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Thank you, Bruce--I will do that then--:)

Please know I invite you and all to that thread with anything else you would like to add.