November Birthdays

Ok well firstly I know he might get a bit red in the face and shy... But the kid has a heart of gold.... Sweet kid, and he deserves it! I hope all the best and many returns to 17th Angel, happy birthday man! :D
Celebrating a little early are we? Well I take that to mean the old boy is buggin out for the day and won't be back until after the B-day...which is Monday, so we'll be able to see soon if I'm right or not.

Anywho....I found a couple who haven't been around in years, but they were here at the beginning, posting and encouraging Brian to make a run for this happy B-day and kudos to Paul3C on the first (the last of the Libras, all the rest are Scorpios) and PolyCarp on the 7th, thanx for being part of the kick off!

17th on the fifth

Nick on the 8th

way down to PluckyAli on the 22nd

Jack Halyard on the 23rd (take care of our girl and tell her I got her back jack)

and FaithfulServant on the 26th!

Someone else has to bake the cakes but my present is:
a little wiki scorpio info...

The following items are traditionally associated with Scorpio:Famous Scorpios

Famous Scorpios include George Patton, Robert F. Kennedy,Theodore Roosevelt, Erwin Rommel, Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates, Grace Kelly, Leonardo DiCaprio, Peter Drucker, Jack Welch, Hilary Clinton, Anthony Kiedis, Chad Smith, Captain James Cook, Jean Baptiste Siméon Chardin, John Keats, Frank Iero,Russell Means, Johnny Mercer, Josh Peck, Ted Turner, Gustavo Badell, Richard Burton,Shahrukh Khan Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas, Roberto Benigni, Edouard Vuillard,Craig Smith,Paul Valery,Troy Bell,John Cleese and John Gotti.


In mythology Scorpio is often associated with Hades, Lord of the Underworld and Orpheus, from the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Scorpio is also associated with the Greco-Roman gods Ares/Mars. The constellation is also associated with the scorpion that killed Orion.
Born on the true and genuine Samhain, huh? Somehow that makes sense. Have a whacky birthday, 17!