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  1. Alectryomancy, Alectoromancy [from Greek alektyon, alektor cock] Divination using a cock or other bird; "a circle was drawn and divided into spaces, each one allotted to a letter; corn was spread over these places and note was taken of the successive lettered divisions from which the bird took grains of corn." (Theosophical Glossary, by H. P. Blavatsky, p.16)
  2. Cock A "very occult bird, much appreciated in ancient augury and symbolism. According to the Zohar, the cock crows three times before the death of a person; . . . As the cock was always connected in symbology with the Sun (or solar gods), Death and Resurrection, it has found its appropriate place in the four Gospels in the prophecy about Peter repudiating his Master before the cock crowed thrice. The cock is the most magnetic and sensitive of all birds, hence its Greek name alectruon" (TG 86). In the Zoroastrian Avesta, the cock is called Parodarsh "he who foresees" the coming dawn, and is also termed the drum of the worlds, for he crows in the dawn which dazzles away the fiends of the Avesta: thus he shares with the dawn the honor of the victory. (Zend Avesta, FARGARD 18)
A careful study of this Wisdom of the Parodarsh, will show us that even Christ's prediction of Peter's denial was thoroughly rooted in the esoteric traditions of both East AND West ... as the Greek word for "cock," and these references in the Zohar and Zend Avesta will plainly reveal.

The Aryan Brotherhood exists in China, just as the Eastern, or Oriental Brotherhood exists in the West. One ever misunderstands Aryan, if he does not remember that a race is named for, and by, its greatest exponents.

If victory is won in the world of the mundane by brutality (or `brute-force') and coercion ("might makes right") reigning supreme ... how is Victory won within the Spiritual, where Mercy, Brotherly Love and Compassion verily co-exist with `Free Will?'

Among the Aryan Brotherhood we find no fewer than the following two dozen prominent men and women from history:
  1. Christian Rosenkreuz
  2. Proclus
  3. Thomas More, former Lord Chancellor of England
  4. Sir Francis Bacon
  5. Roger Bacon
  6. Paolo Veronese, Italian artist
  7. Origen
  8. Joan of Arc
  9. Allessandro Cagliostro (later HPB)
  10. Plato
  11. St. Alban
  12. Giordano Bruno (later Annie Besant)
  13. St. Patrick
  14. Pythagoras
  15. Iamblichus
  16. St. Peter
  17. John the Baptist
  18. John the Beloved
  19. Tsongkapa
  20. Nicholas Roerich
  21. Helena Roerich
  22. a female Initiate
  23. a male Initiate
  24. Philo Judaeus
I don't think those who do so much bitching about Theosophy and the various esoteric traditions really have a CLUE ... what they are talking about.