There is no such thing as 'Free Will'

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by Azure24, Jan 3, 2008.

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    Re: Desire

    We choose based on our desires. What do you desire most?

    Evil motivates change, just as good motivates change. When we desire good more than evil we will change.

    We choose according to our desires. If we come to the point where we have tasted enough evil, we will then desire to submit to God because we know that God is good, and that good things are pleasant.

    We choose according to our desires. Once we desire to submit to God (Good), we will choose Him above evil (Devil).

    Not true, we learn from our mistakes, and likewise we learn from our victories.
    Not true, change is made possible because of the two opposing forces that shape our desires (Good and evil).

    We are able to freely choose what we desire most. There is no contradiction. It just so happens that our desires are subject to life circumstance.

    Think about it (Thoroughly) and decide for yourself.

    No, we make our choices based on desire. If we desire the things of God, we will choose them. If we do not, we won't. Life itself helps us change our desires, so we might one day desire God (Good) above the Devil (Evil).

    You are missing the big picture because you have been conditioned to believe that God would eternally damn us to a literal hell. Hell might be said to be life on earth before submission to God (Who is love).

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    Aren't you the mindless mutt.
    Dog brain as opposed to god brain.
    You do live up to you nickname.
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    The nature and function of a living being is that it possesses free will. Now can others force or impose their will on you.....yes.....but it still isnt your will.
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    You're trying to wake rodger up? :eek:

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