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לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות
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Now please bare with me on this, I am still running all this through my mind.. May I start with a cluster of ancient religions… Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Incas, Druids, Hindus, a civilisation not recorded in history and…. U.F.O’s. Yes, totally not my “style” but bare with me, I believe there is a connection between them… “A freaking connection?! Are you mad?!” I hear the crowd cry…. Has anyone heard of ‘Quest for the lost civilisation.’ ? This is what sparked my interest lol, I will go over this in brief detail… I guess the easiest way to do this is start with one religion and then go on…..

Ancient Egyptians,

Ok, so we will start with the Great pyramid of Giza, The ancient Egyptians are a civilisation that are swarming with mystery as –no one- can actually state with fact about these people, only theories… That to start with I find interesting, ANYWAY! The great pyramid… This is the largest of the pyramids in the Giza necropolis by Cairo, it is also the last standing seven wonder of the world… Most, most would state that this was created as a tomb, for a great pharaoh of the name Khufu. I believe, this is wrong. I would say it was more a training building for the pharaoh preparing to go from this world to the next, No bodies were ever found inside this tomb. The queens chamber has a telescope/shaft kind of construction that aims directly into the heavens to target one star, the star of Sirius… Which is associated with the goddess, Isis, who is the cosmic mother of the kings of Egypt… And in the kings chamber, another shaft… Aimed directly to the belt of Orion, which, represents Osiris, (Major league god) Father of Horus and husband of Isis. The pyramids here are as many know in the same formation of Orion’s belt, but what many do not know, is that there is a 45 degree angle and the only time the belt of Orion was at a 45 degree angle was in 10500 B.C. (facing to the north) now the Sphinx, this also has much mystery, if we take it’s shape, it is the lion, and it’s star sign (Leo) was seen from the direction the Sphinx looks in (east) in the year 10500 B.C.

Angkor (Cambodia)

If we look at the temples of Angkor… We find that (south looking) in the year 10500 B.C the whole complex is built to map the star constellation of Draco…. And that they also have deep knowledge and skill of the planet, knowing that it rotates at an angle and at a certain speed (precession)… Everywhere you look around Angkor, everything is built to precession, for example there are 54 statues on every bridge on the left (good) and on the right (evil) There are also 54 towers in the main temple of Angkor. (sorry going brief I want this to be a small post lol… Small-ish) now the angle from The great pyramids and Angkor is 54 degrees (precession number)

You also have the Easter Islands, in regard to precession they are centre between these said sights.. It is also known as something in Spanish lol I forget what but it basically means centre of the world (something to that extent) And we find if we look from space that it is dead centre between these sights


Keeping it brief most of this is covered in ‘Quest for the lost civilisation’

Everything in the Aztec capital is scaled 1000;1 with the planet…. Again this is amazing astronomy skills…. And had the same belief as the Egyptians that immortality comes from a ritual (although different it has the same name and result) From mouth I believe? And that you become a star within the heavens.

Primitive rain cults also built images on the lands such as the great spider… And they were perfectly inline with the stars above.


They like the Aztec’s mentioned gods to be white men with beards…. And they taught how to build and how to read the heaven’s and of a religion of love and peace…..

Their greatest temple in 10500 B.C. Where the sun began it’s cycle and where it started to head back on it’s cycle perfectly lined up with the main two towers..


They like Aztecs made images on the ground that had the same perfection and knowledge of the heavens… There is dragon hill which in 10500 B.C. would have been seen from the west reaching over the hills the horns of torus, and near this a hill with a horse upon it facing the constellation of toras.

You also have stonehenge that has wooden pillars to help calculate the sun movements… They were carbon dated as 10,000 years old…

The lost civilisation

From the most southern point of Japan, they have found an underwater pyramid… That would have been on land around, 10,000 years ago… And think to build it and live and that… It could be like 15,000 years old!


They were all amazing builders. (pyramids of Mexico, Egypt and Japan for example, which I should mention the base calculation of these pyramids is identical.)
They had amazing knowledge of the stars and the movements of Earth.
10500 B.C.

Yet there is meant to be no connection between them?

SO The U.F.O’s

Lol…. Let your imagination go freaking wild, what if they where an advanced civilisation that live under water? And these were the one’s that have been trying to get some sort of message across to these peoples? Example, Christopher Columbus in his journal spoke of a bright space ship south of Jamaica that rose from the oceans and hovered for a period of time then flew away… Which he described pretty much identical to the images seen on the Egyptian writings on some Pyramids. Also in the 90’s A military exercise in the very same area of ocean of the American Navy noted on their radar… at 20,000 feet down… Let me repeat that…. 20….. Thousand feet… Down an extremely large and extremely fast object, which they attempted to track and hunt down… It got away… Also off the shores of Norway the same events happened with the Norwegian Navy…. And this is close to Scotland where the object disappeared, which was very near an old druid circle that measured seasons and such….

If we go back to the Aztec’s their calendar was more advanced than our own… And even predicted the amazingly large eclipse of Mexico…. They also predicted that on 23rd December 2012… This world as we know it, would end. What if it were a repeat cycle of what may have happened to this lost civilisation that seem to be the ones that travelled and taught these people? And why the buildings? Why where they looking out to the stars with accuracy? I had this crazy idea that perhaps they are to forewarn of the “signs” of the 23rd of Dec? lol… Who knows, it certainly is fascinating to ponder and look into this anyway! If you think I am nuts… lol fair one I most likely am, those who have the privilege of Virgin Cable… Go on to the TV on demand and watch the following….

Quest for the lost civilisation ep01
Quest for the lost civilisation ep02
Quest for the lost civilisation ep03
Columbus lost Ship
Building an Empire: Egypt
Building an Empire: Mexico
U.S.O’s (Unidentified submerged objects)

Tell me you don’t see many patterns there? I could speak of these easier but I have troubles doing this justice using nothing but text….. So yeah, if you wish to make any complaints about my post please make sure to email them to,

I know when I see large posts... I don't bother to read them... So I have made this as short as I can, if anyone wants me to speak in detail of any particular part let me know and I will be happy to..

Thanks for reading
Can you pass some of that over here?

I call BS that all these pyramids from different cultures were build around the same timeframe (circa 10,500 B.C.)

Imhotep, who is credited with building the first pyramid of Egypt, lived during the Djoser dynasty (2630–2611 BC).

The first Temple Mountain (Bakong)in Cambodia wasn't built until 801 A.D.

The stone temples of the Incas didn't come around in a large scale until approx. 300 B.C

And Dragon Hill is in the area that was constructed in the late Bronze Age, in the seventh or eighth centuries B.C.

Perhaps, 17th, a little more reseach using more primary resources will shed light on these theories.
They may have been built whenever but the fact that the skies in 10500 B.C. line up correctly in this way is baffling.... Anyway as I said, any English here that have Virgin Cable watch the said shows..... Amazing stuff.