Blair gets his pay-off


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Edinburgh, scotland
Former British prime minister, it has been announced today, is to take up a senior advisory position for JP Morgan/ Chase bank. It is the first of several positions he is expected to take up over the coming months for a number of companies that have made huge profits from the sham war on terror. Morgan/Chase in particular has a long history with the Bush dynasty since it first emerged with great granddad Bush as man in charge of handing out "defence" contracts as far back as world war 1. During WW2 it was heavily involved in laundering Nazi money in America and Bush's Grandad was intimately involved in that and this is where the Bush family fortune was really made. Since then Morgan/Chase have made billions in profits in providing the finance for several military arms deals including the funding of military aid for the Israeli state. This announcement should be enough in a fair world to bring Blair before a court for mass murder for profit. It is an outrage. Yet it is announced on the news like it is nothing. Very sad.