Stem Cell Research is Moral


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I do not understand all the complexities of this issue so I am making a post to discuss it so I can get a better understanding.

I think the big mistake we make about this topic is thinking that human life begins when Sperm goes into a Woman's egg. Although the ingredients to formulate a human being physically is present, the consciousness of the person is not.

Naturally, there is only a 50% chance a fertilized egg is going to survive because it has to be able to attach the euterus of a Woman. If the Fertilized Egg fails to attach to the euterus then it won't have chance to become a human.

Basically, my point is, the fertilized egg that did not attach to the euterus was not a person or human. It was the ingredients for a human.

My sperm are not people so, when they die naturally, or because I masturbated thus, ejaculating sperm and enjoying the pleasure of orgasm and the ejaculation of my sperm, those individual sperms were not people. They were ingredients for a person that got wasted cause I wanted to feel good by ejaculating semen. :)

Same thing goes for eggs that depart from woman. Just ingredients. And even so, when eggs have sperm in them, it still is not a human yet. Just ingredients that got put together to make a human.

Since stem cell research is only interested in that part of the ingredients, it can not be murder since no person had been murdered.

Also, politically speaking, if you are person that considers fertilized eggs to be very premature people then, how come we allow people to freeze these fertilized eggs so they can make babies for other people? How that happen? If we can have that then, we can easily have the research I mean, the harm has already been done.

The issue ain't stem cell research. The issue is actually the fact of freezing these fertilized eggs in the first place cause, alot of them are gonna not make it anyways. Lots of murders are committed everyday so legally. Yet, we allow it to happen. How did it get there? The real issue is clinics that is making baby's possible. So, lets forget about stem cell. Who cares.

Well, I think if a society can function with the freezing of fertilized eggs then we can have the research too. If it is harmful to the planet we will see.

To me, the reason why murder is illegal ain't because of God or Bible. It because of society likes it that way. Without a Bible, Without a God, Murder will still be illegal, I garentee it.

Also, the Bible does not even consider fetus to be human or persons either. Now, I consider the fetus to be a person, but, the Bible does not.

Exodus Chapter 21:22-23:

21:22 "If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine."

21:23 "And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,....."

So, according to the Bible, if you do anything to cause a woman to unintentionally or intentionally abort that fetus in her, you only gotta pay some cash according to the political process like a judge, lawyers, and a jury.

But, if you end up killing the woman, then, the sentencing you will get is corporal punishment. You will be executed. Life has to be taken.

So, the Bible, even up until a fetus, abortion is moral and not murder cause the fetus is not a person according to the Bible.

In ancient Rome and Greece when new born babies are killed, it is was not murder to them. Today, when a fetus are killed it is not murder to some and the Bible.

I think Fetus is a person but not a fertilized egg because the consciuosness was not put in the physical parts yet.

A human being is only the amalgamation of elements and consciousness. The absence of one or the other is not a person.
Embryonic stem cell research is about imposing your will upon life, which results in many unintended consequences, like abnormal gene expression and the formation of tumors. However, the siren's song of pluripotency seems to blind a lot of people to the undesirable side effects. I would say that the patentibility of the techniques to impose your will upon these cells is another factor that entices people into embryonic stem cell research, with the chance at a big financial pay off for the researchers, especially if you can get the public to pay for the research, and then turn around and charge them high patent fees for the use of any technique the researcher develops. It's the ultimate "let's turn lead into gold scheme."

On the other hand, adult stem cell research is about assisting life towards positive transformation, which doesn't produce the undesirable side effects that imposing your will upon life produces. It also doesn't have the patentibility that embryonic stem cell research offers, since the processes involved with adult stem cells are entirely natural, not the unnatural processes the ebryonic stem cell researchers seek to develop and patent. Adult stem cell treatments have also produced treatments that actually work, without the abnormal gene expression and tumor formation associated with embryonic stem cell research.

So, to summarise, the scientific evidence points towards the success of adult stem cells to heal people, whereas embryonic stem cells produce undesirable side effects that can kill (and usually do in the animal studies that have been done.)

Please explain to me how pursuing an expensive process that doesn't produce good results and charging people for it is moral, when there is a less expensive alternative that has been shown to produce good results without the harmful side effects.