did Mohammed marry a girl of 6 and consummate the marriage when she was 9?

The honest answer Z is we do not know her age, different texts give very different ages so we will never know for sure.

I find the best way to shut people up is to refer them to how close in recent history the laws changed in the UK/US/Europe etc (wherever the people you talk to come from). As I said, the US didn't up the agre from 10 to 14 until just over 100 years ago - so how many 'peodophiles' did we have until recently??

The sexuality of children is a very, very taboo subject. Here in the west we live in a culture that is absolutely saturated with the commercialization of sex and the illusion of the the desirability of perpetual youth. It's interesting how the taboo against child sex is played for titillation. The virgin slut, the girl-woman, etc.


Thank you for asking the question in this post. I think this is important to clear out and I think you probably received a lot of answers all ready.

One thing is definately clear: The Holy Qur'an nowhere mentions Aisha's age. In fact, Aisha is not even mentined by name (nor any of the Prophet's pbuh wives). Also, The Noble Qur'an states that a person should marry engage in marriage/consumate a marriage when they are able to make clear decisions in terms of finances and other family matters. Obviously, a child of 6 and 9 is unable to do so. Many called Prophet Muhammad savs a 'Walking Qur'an'. This tells me that he followed the Qur'an. Also, very important, Qur'an commands Muslims not to talk about their sexual details with their friends/strangers. So, Muhammad pbuh being the Walking Qur'an, why would he talk about having a sex with a child? Or Aisha, his beloved wife, as a good Muslim, why would she talk about that?

Another important thing to remember is that the Hadiths (even though many would kill me for saying this, but I am going to say it anyway) were collected many many years after Prophet pbuh death. During his life time, holy Prophet pbuh forbade his friends/followers from writing down anything but the Holy Qur'an as It was revealed. This should tell us a lot.

What was acceptable in the past, may not be acceptable today. But even today, what is acceptable in some cultures, is not in others. Maturity for marriage was based on various things, some of which is the menstrual cycle. In certain areas of the world, women do go into puberty earlier. Now days, we can find many examples where children as young as 7 yrs old engage in sexual behaviors (even sexual intercourse) without their parents' knowledge.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh was married to Khadijah for 20 years and only after her death did he marry other women, including Aisha ra. So, if a person has that many wives, why would he urgently want to have sex with a child of 9? Also, if Prophet pbuh was "such a pervert," why would he attract anger and hostility from the pagans who killed female children, sexually enslaved them and burried them alive? A pedophile would, I believe, go along with such evil practices because after all the pedophiles only want sexual gratification.
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This was a very interesting thread. This topic comes up a lot with people who have some interest in Islam. The issue is a very delicate one.
Some people believe that the hadith describing the marriage of Aisha are 100% accurate. They will go on to say that as long as a girl has attained puberty there is no harm in marrying her whatever the age.

Others believe these Hadith are flawed and contradictory and that Aisha was in fact much older.

The age of consent varies from society to society and from time to time. I remember speaking with a friend who remarked that the body itself reveals when it is biologically ready for sexual relations and that this should be sign.

In Arabia where the Prophet was born the social aspects may have meant that people matured a lot earlier. As you will probably know the concept of being a teenager is a relatively knew one. In the past it was child--->adult with no inbetween stage. Modern society gives a child a few teenage years before entering the adult stage and therefore this type of marriage may not be permissable.
Also, very important, Qur'an commands Muslims not to talk about their sexual details with their friends/strangers. So, Muhammad pbuh being the Walking Qur'an, why would he talk about having a sex with a child? Or Aisha, his beloved wife, as a good Muslim, why would she talk about that?

The hadith people refer to does not explictly say the marriage was consumated when she was 9. It says she entered the house of the Prophet. The only logical interpreatation of this is that the marriage was consumated.
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Here is a well explained article showing the Islamic perspective on this issue; some paragraphs are that of the questioner [who argues that there is no credible evidence that Ayesha [ra] was 6 or 7 at the time of marraige and 9 at the time of cohabition] and not of the answer given, but they are easily distinguishable:

See link:

Our Mother A'isha's Age At The Time Of Her Marriage to The Prophet

Its also interesting that its usually Christians using this as a verbal weapon. Experts have scrutinized the marriage of Mary and Joseph coming to many of the same conclusions. Usually its mentioned in discussions where someone is slamming the christian faith asking how why a virgin wife would exist. It was likely an arranged marriage (common to the times) and the reason she was generally accepted as a virgin by everyone around her was because she was still coming up on the acceptable "age" to have sex. She is guessed to be in her early teens and still approaching full puberty.

The same accusations can be made, and the same responses apply. Its not entirely known, its not out of bounds for the common practices of the times, no actual mention in accepted sources support the accusations.
Dear in Islam
any girl reach to adulthood have right to get marriage
it's not matter of age CZ in Hot countries women become adult at early age and die at early age either (40-45 years only !you can back to CIA world fact to be sure about that)
Therefore women in that time in that place used to get married early
and BTW prophet Mohammed do not saw Mother Aisha before He get married with her ! Which means lust was not involved!
Prophet Mohammed just obeys the Order of God and married with a girl who never know anything about her before!
That is it and further more if you read some saying for mother Aisha you will realize that she was mentally older than 20 years old girl now a days
Hopes that answer your question
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Zaim187, you mentioned that the hadith stated that Aisha r.a. "entered the house of the prophet" at the age of 9. Well, as a non-Arabic speaker, for me that sounds not as "marriage consumated," but rather just the marriage. At what point it was consumated, who knows but God Himself?
Its a basic problem with people from western society. Here marriage tends to be tied almost directly into some sort of basic right to have sex. Other parts of the world tend to separate them.

Interestingly, many of the loudest are from Christian backgrounds and dont know that the scholars give the same traditions of that part of the world as an answer to the question of Mary Mother of Christ being a virgin. Married but too young to consumate.