Who was Mary Poppins?

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Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the d
I don't mean who played her in the theatre productions, or in the film, or who it was the writer of the books was inspired by... (perhaps maybe...)

I mean who was Mary Pops in, I mean Poppins?

Just curious to see people's views lol..
pscho babysittre that would give her charges drugs so that theyhallucinated and thought she flew away. lol

actually pl travers (author) was born herein my home town and they ahve a statue of Ms Poppins in town. They also have a Mary day and all people named Mary go to a big dinner and have a party. We will use any excuse to have a party. LOL
Interesting snippet of info there Grey, I certainly never knew that and would have assumed the author to be English purely based on the character being so english (oops :eek:)

Alex am loving the new avatar - you are like an onion, layers just keep peeling back and one day we will see your inner core. :)
Im thinking she was brought up in England. I dont know for sure but, she was definately born here. and onions have layers................ are you saying Im like shrek????LOL