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My current view of religion and existance.

To begin to understand one must allow understanding in….
The short answer is within all of us.
We are all capable of understanding the truth of this reality... Period.

Space is all around us, we are not separate, discreet objects existing in space, we too, are space. That’s all there is to it.
But that’s so hard for us to understand.

The long answer takes an infinite amount of time to appreciate. We don't seem to have that much time to spend on the subject at this stage of developement (one human lifetime) so we make up alot of nonsence to fill in the gaps....

When we let go and open our minds to the thought of, space as the one thing existing, infinite, continuous and eternal, we become aware that we are evolving, or perhaps existing as one stage of energy transforming into another stage of energy, within a finite universe, and that infinite space is permeated with finite universes at various stages of evolution, and so, space as the one thing existing, is revealed to be a mostly rigid (slightly elastic) substance that had no beginning, will have no end and is without borders or limitations on the largest and grandest of scales as well as on the inconsequential, quantum and Lilliputian scales.

We begin to understand what the structure (matter and life) of the one thing existing is, and that it (Space) is permeated with an infinite quantity of finite universes, and so, then, matter and life, in and of one space that is an infinite continuous wave medium begins to make a lot of sense.

Following this line of reasoning it seems impossible to separate infinite space from finite matter and thereby stop all wave motion that causes finite matter to form in infinite space. It seems that finite universes have always existed in space and the motion of these pulsating universes have always emitted waves in space. It is a perfect perpetual system.

Waves in space create matter and matter in space creates waves.
The same system applies to life itself…
Waves of life create intelligence and intelligence creates waves of life.

The cause which moves and combines things, is space itself, and all is space. The cause which moves and combines things, is life itself, and everything is alive.
Space is alive, intelligent, mostly ridgid, and very wavey

My current view of religion and existance.

To be infinite, the one thing existing must exist everywhere, as every possibility, all at once and even for all of time….. within all dimensions….

That means that I too am one aspect of the one thing existing…

This universe, this world, this body, this reality, is how the infinite one manifests itself right here and right now and in this place….. but that is only a fraction of the overall truth…

Right now I exist in an infinite number of possibilities. For I too am the one… But to be human, to exist as who I am on this world, in this reality, I must remain ignorant of most of existence. I also exist as something else entirely in some other dimension of the one….
For now that is enough..
Just to be me..

Endless conversations about this subject
will not change the fact that we are one…….

Though it may confuse the truth right out of us…
Oooh, oooh, sorry I don't have much time to read right now but I just remembered this....

Rumi said something like....

"I myself am heaven and hell."