Limbless Evangelist Preaches Joy In Christ


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Nick Vujicic is a 25-year-old evangelist whose message about being content in all circumstances takes on new meaning when people see his physical condition – he was born without limbs.

But rather than blaming God for his unique physical condition, he credits his Creator for allowing him to connect with a wide range of audiences including insecure teenagers, unmotivated corporate executives, and hopeless prisoners.

Through his ministry, Life Without Limbs, Vujicic travels around the world to share his inspiring personal testimony about how he found joy and hope in Jesus Christ despite his difficult and painful circumstances.

“No matter who you are, no matter what you’re going through, God knows it,” said the Australian-born motivational speaker , according to ABC News, which aired his story Friday on “20/20.” “He is with you. He is going to pull you through.”...Cont'd
Yeah, I peeped his story when it leaked out on ABC. Inspirational, indeed. Nick was contemplating throwing himself onto the floor to break his neck because he saw himself as the outcast due to his situation and people ridiculing him as a kid.

As a young boy, Vujicic was teased by other children because of his absent limbs. He recalled contemplating committing suicide at one point in his life by flipping himself off a kitchen bench and hoping to break his neck.

On one day when someone was staring at him, he decided to just start talking and opening up to them. Nick overcame his rejection.

Great stuff. By the way, did you see him typing on the computer with his two toes? :eek: