Why did Christians, Muslims ever fight?


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It's like a family feud that goes back centuries. We're one human family, and Christianity and Islam are closely related, both Abrahamic, both believe Jesus, so why has there been a feud, why the Crusades? I remember seeing something about it being triggered by a church being burned in Jerusalem. And even though the Muslims rebuilt it and apologized, almost the whole of Europe was up in arms. Muhammad defended Christians and Jews and told His followers to do likewise. The Qur'an says "let there be no compulsion in religion" and calls Jesus the divine messiah. Arabic doesn't have upper and lower case letters, so that can all be capitalized. Ought not Christians and Muslims love one another as fellow monotheists? Fellow brothers, creatures of one God?

"Consort with the followers of all religions in a spirit of friendliness and fellowship." -Baha'u'llah

The time has come for love and unity all over the world between peoples of all backgrounds, religions, nations, languages, and cultures. The day has come for unity in the family of man.
'Abdu'l-Baha was a great example of working to bring unity to Christians, Muslims, and people of all religions and nationalities. He traveled to Egypt, France, Great Britain, the United States, and Canada. He spoke in synagogues, churches... I should have a quote on me... I'm not sure where else He visited, but He visited a lot of different religious groups. If you're familiar with Utah at all, He sat on the stand at the LDS Tabernacle during an agricultural conference right after an LDS General Conference. It's the place where the Mormon leader sat during their semi-annual conference up until they built a huge conference center recently that fits about 20,000 people, about the same amount of people as were martyred in Iran in the 1800s for being Babis, followers of the Bab, the Forerunner of Baha'u'llah.
I meant to say leaders, plural, not just "Mormon leader." Even though there's not a historical connection between Mormons and Baha'is, there is an interesting overlap.... the second temple of both religions was built in Illinois. The first temple of both religions was lost.