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It made me cry. I found the events leading up to it awful and like this little girl was slipping through the cracks- mother dating a convicted felon, poverty, the lack of adequate police and 911 when the friend called. We really need more police and emergency services coverage- I have had the experience of getting multiple busy signals when dialing 911 before.

Amazing the little girl and the mother survived, but thank God. They will testify and hopefully the guy will be put away for life. I always end up wondering what is wrong with humanity that crimes against children are so common.

That is my biggest problem with our criminal justice system as well (well, one of my biggest problems). In the US, the criminals in prison get more than many of our working poor get- more stability, free health care, better food, free training/education. It does not seem just to me at all.
Most people are surprised at my feelings about the criminal justice system, because I am *not nice* about the violent criminals at all. I'm of the "hard work to pay society a debt" camp. And I have some pretty radical ideas on what I consider humane treatment.

In short, I'm not for torturing, killing, or anything like that. However, I am for hard work and, for those who seem incapable of working without harming others, they could be the "test cases" for new medications. Others might say inhumane, but I say if we provide them medical care, it's not any more inhumane than the rest of us when we get ill. I don't think it's right to test things on helpless and innocent animals when we have a stockpile of violent criminals who won't cooperate and work.

Sorry, but I fail to see why we should provide all sorts of nicey-nice things like televisions and exercise equipment and whatnot to people who harmed others (generally for the sport of it) and meanwhile we have 25% of our nation without health care and half our nation's poor are children and unable to improve their situation.

Something is really wrong with the "justice" in that...
Id vote for ya. My ex was a criminal and violent at that, but because he was never charged with a "violent" crime, he was considered, low risk.He was also a sociopath and couldnt see anything wrong with hurting animals or the "weak" (that is , everyone else but him). He has done a lot of time, and probably still is now. He considered getting caught and going to jail as a part of his "job". He will not change and doesnt consider anything he has ever done, to be wrong. However, he was highly educated and this helps him manipulate the "system" here. Over here, they put young "just out of university" physciatrists in the prisons to help offenders "adjust". What a joke. Anyway, I digress, I too, have strong feelings about the "justice" system, we have had that discussion before. (LOL). Over here, the entire system needs to be overhauled. from the amount of sentencing handed down for different types of crimes, to "truth "in sentencing as well as productive time served........ Its a big job..........