The Five Senses


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The five senses

There is sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

In observing the 5 senses, scientifically there are a few items to suggest that even share a very unique phenomenon.

With sight, we are capturing light from an exchange between mass. In that the energy is light identified within the electromagnetic spectrum but only a small sliver of the whole array.

What to observe is the light is passing through or being exchanged with the air between the observer and the item observed but still no matter is exchanging between the light and the eyes.

With hearing, we find that an impact can cause a sound wave to convey, again upon mass in which the concussion is being absorbed for the ears to exchange that energy into usable form but mass is still not exchanging with the ears or passing through into the body.

With smell; an aromatic molecule is captured by the nose and the energy is exchanged between them structures and the receptors but very little is retained and like always, once we done with the exchange, we release it back into our environment.

Taste: is quite similar to smell, the taste buds capture a little energy from the mass entering the mouth and if we like it, we consume the food but little stay with the taste buds for long.

Touch; is the easiest, the pressure upon an interactive conveys a signal suggesting an interaction at the focal point but again no matter comes into the body.

Each of these is pretty well established and recognized as the core interactive methods a person uses to exchange with it environment. Energy is captured from the surrounding and converted into usable information.

The point is, that since a person is alive within its environment, not a one interaction is an electrical exchange between his environment (naturally) and the body.

Such that this same applies to most all animals, plants, fish and most all microbes of life. So basically all living mass is exchanging in a manner that contradicts the ideas of chemistry.

In chemical representations all living forms exchange electrical potential.

Like charges of positive and negative ions rather than observing the resonance of the energy itself.

To observe the 5 senses, then each can recognize for themselves how to observe some of the unanswered questions about how mass (life) interacts with its environment.

Great item to look up is entanglement; then find if you received energy from a source or of the environment of that source, than you are entangled to that event in time. (like a memory which can cause a reaction again)

i.e… think of a concert….. all heard the same, entangled to the event in time.

Food for thought
in buddhism, and in some other religious traditions, there are not just five senses... there are in fact, 6, all those you have mentioned, plus... the mind...
in buddhism, and in some other religious traditions, there are not just five senses... there are in fact, 6, all those you have mentioned, plus... the mind...

mind is of learned memories

conscious life on the other hand is entangled to existence

the property of entanglement is that mass can be separate but the energy between mass is still entangled. almost like people going to a class and learning the same material.... they can move miles a part but still be associated and even make similar decisions based on the entangled energy.

Twins may know each others feelings because most of their whole make up is entangled

Here is a description from stanford

Quantum Entanglement and Information (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

ps...... each can be aware of the 6th sense as a reality versus conjecture