Welsh Sikh Girl Wins Court Battle



Hello my name is Gavin!

I felt I had to post on here to vent my absolute disgust at the case of Sarika Watkins-Singh in Wales, who had to go to court for the right to wear the Kara.

I am so happy that she won the case, I am at a loss for words as to why it ever even went to court, its an absolute joke, is this what our supposed multi-cultural society is coming too? Its polictical correctness gone mad, I mean how can anyone be offended by a bangle, just like how can anyone be offended by catholics wearing a crucifix.....what a truely sad sad world we live in, the lunatics definitely have taken over the asylum!

When I worked/lived in Glasgow I met many Sikhs and I'd like to say they were all incredibly friendly, a joy to meet, unlike some other people I could mention, this is what angers me about this stupid court case. The Sikh religion surely demands a bit more respect than having to go to court to justify wearing a religious bangle.

To all the Sikhs i met in Glasgow....thank you for being so friendly, you are a credit to you religion.


Yay. A court case establishing that religious freedom is a good thing and to be protected.
If anyone would like to hear how to pronounce the work Sikhism, it is available on the wikipedia site in the Xiff .ogg format. It is a fantastic, free, open source streaming media format; however it doesn't come with most commercial media packages. You have to go get it from the xiff.org site first. You must install the Xiff.org codec plugin for your particular media player, like I did with Windows Media player 11. Currently the installer for windows media player ogg vorbis playback is at: Directshow Filters for Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora and FLAC :: Main / HomePage
isn't it sick-ism?

I always said seek till I met a bunch of sicks and they corrected me.

I had a hard time saying sikh like sick as I referenced it to sick.

Now the youngsters say 'that's sick' and it means that it is great...

I to am appreciative that she won her court battle. Here in the US after 9/11 Sikhs had a heck of a time, because with their turbans and hair they were 'racially profiled' as terrorists...
Welcome to CR, gavster. :)

I'm happy she won her court case. I can see no reason why she shouldn't be able to wear the Kara. I mean, if she chooses to not wear it, is she going to face being beat up by her fellow Sikhs? (I don't think so. Any Sikh who would do harm to her for not wearing the Kara would be going against the showing of restraint that the Kara represents, no?)
I too like Sikh's. They most likely are the most numerously represented ethnic minority in my local area. I find them warm, pleasant and proud and meet respect with respect. But just try dating a girl. Then its another story. They have a warrior heritage that is still very alive in their collective psyche and if you openly pursue one of their daughters then you will feel their wrath swiftly and violently. (Which is a continuing frustration to me as the girls are so often 'stunning'). They also have no respect for western women and regard them all as whores. So whilst I can get on and have no problem with the Sikh's living in my community I also understand that they impose many conditions on that friendship that are in conflict with my internationalist secular ideal. Something to bear in mind.

I find them warm, pleasant and proud and meet respect with respect.

They also have no respect for western women and regard them all as whores.

Uhm.... That don't add up... They think western women are whores? How the hell is that respect? lol... I would find it hard to treat a person with respect if they came to me and called my mother, sisters wife and cousins and neices whores.. I think I'd stick that pretty lil sword of theirs where the sun don't shine ;)

I doub't all sikhs are like that... But I find it funny how the ones that do, haven't any problems with living in the west with us... Funny that.. We're so bad, go back to the freaking East lol.