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the speed of light
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Mods I am not sure where to post this as it regards a hypothetical religion. please move it if you see fit and I apologize for any potential inconvenience.

call it a fun exercise in religious thought.

it would be spectacular to see if a group of people of different religious back grounds could work out a story religion. deities, practices, and so forth.

relate it to a society capable of space travel but only in the boundaries of their particular galaxy. they live a sustainable lifestyle on their planet which is 80% ocean and 20% rainforest. they can clone. their technology is organically based on nanotechnology and chemistry if that helps

I won't use what gets put here if anything, I merely wish to see what thought process would go into it. you guys should be capable of showing me this I hope. =)
There ya go Cel. Moved to Belief and Spirituality.