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Maryland. usa. FINALLY! LOL
Im starting this thread, because i have recently remembered a saying a teacher of mine used to say, (all the tiime)... her name was Sister Julia and i think it was in year 6 that she taught us......... she was lovely and had a wonderful singing voice... but she use to have this saying when she would ask a question and the entire class would stare at her blankly.....

"no answer was the stern reply as he waved his wooden leg....."

she use to say it so often, that we ended up finishing her sentence for her. lol. just a childhood memory, but i was wondering if anyone knew of its existence or any other "strange sayings;??????:D
she was lovely and had a wonderful singing voice...

*Puts on a habit and runs around slapping a tamborine...*

When I say holy you say ghost!!!

Holy!!!!!! :D
Holy!!!!!! :D

"no answer was the stern reply as he waved his wooden leg....."

I maybe wrong... (It has been known in rare times..) But isn't that from peg leg???

On the subject of strange sayings I think most of our usual dialect down south (devon cornwall) Would be seen as strange sayings lol.....


Small example... :D
My fourth grade teacher Mrs. Higby used to say "I chew my cabbage but once", which meant "don't ask me to repeat myself."

My grandfather, a southern farmer, used to say "here now", but it came out sounding like heeyow. As in "heeyow, I tole y'all boys to leave that alone. He would turn the hot water off if he thought you'd been in the shower too long because he figured you must be playing with yourself in there.

there are a few that i've heard:

that dog don't hunt - meaning that the the subject of discussion isn't going to work.

i see, said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw - when you have a sudden realization.


An Ojibwe saying (according to the instructor of the class I was taking at the time) that I was a frequent recipient of was, "Grandmother is full," which "translates" to, "You have spoken enough, now it is time to listen to those who had to listen to you ramble on."

I need a Council Feather or two (as long as a person holds a Council Feather, s/he's allowed to talk as long as the words are reasonable and everybody is able to get their "two cents" in.) The only other requirement to the Council Feather is that it is to be passed around at a reasonable interval.

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
My granddad used to relate a story about his mom:

Seems she was getting ready to go somewhere, and told him to go sit down, that she "will be ready in a minute."

So grandpa sat, and sat, and sat. After about an hour he went to ask his mom what was taking so long.

"Oh, go sit down! I told you an hour ago I'd be ready in a minute!"

I chuckle eveytime I think of that.

One I use quite often, and it has a basis in the New Testament (I'd have to look it up though);

When asked if I will be somewhere at a certain time, I often respond like my mom who got it from her dad:

"Good Lord willin', and the creek don't rise, I'll be there."
My son used to throw a temper tantrum every time we went to someplace. (like an evening with friends or family)

One time I told him, "We can't come back until we leave." He looked at me, stopped fussing and said his goodbyes.

It not only worked on him but every kid I've encountered that starts to fuss about leaving anywhere.

"Do you want to stay? Do you want to come back? You can't come back until you leave." Off they go...

My grandpa...

when a car passed us on the highway - "When you get there, tell'em we are com'in"

when we went over a bridge - "take off your shoes or pick up your feet"

under a bridge - "hold your hat and don't stand up"

saw someone scratchin their butt - "must be goin to the movies, already picking out their seat"

on a cold mornin - "theres frost on the pumpkins"