The Egyptian Cross connection to Jesus


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One of the reasons I've joined this forum is to find out more information about the hidden Egyptian ankh symbol connection to Jesus. I knew Jesus supposedly spent time in Egypt as a child and is actually accused in oblique references in the Talmud stories of using Egyptian magic to heal people. I was put onto this Egyptian connection after reading about how John's Gospel used the Osiris legend for his story of Lazarus (Eleazar= El-Osiris) story as a re-telling of the Osiris resurrection that supposedly took place at the House of Annu, semitized as "Beth-Annu" or "Bethany" in John's Gospel.

In several places in the Gospels Jesus tells us Christians that we must pick up our crosses to be able to follow Him and most all assume He is referring to the cross of crucifixion but is He? Do a Wikipedia search on Egyptian gods and you will see images of Osiris, Isis, Horus, Hathor, each carrying his or her ankh Egyptian Cross. These ankhs were very special. They represented Life but more than that they are shown being held to the nose of either lower gods by a higher one or a pharaoh by a god to transfer eternal life to the recipient via the breath inhaled through the nose.

The Egyptian hieroglyph for ankh is the same one they used for "sandal strap" and sandal straps too carry a mystical meaning in that there is a connection between what is called the Knot of Isis which when "loosened" gave the loosener eternal life or knowledge of eternal life.

Now look at the words of John the Baptist written by Mark, the author of the first Gospel who too is highly connected in tradition with Egypt--Coptic Christians claim Mark as their founding saint) with this in mind;

"And he preached, saying, 'There comes One after me who is mightier than I, whose sandal strap (singular) I am not worthy to stoop down and loose."

No one can carry a 250 lb. Roman crucifixion cross but they can carry an ankh, the symbol of eternal Life from Egypt, the nation dedicated to resurrection of the dead and eternal life.

"Out of Egypt I called My Son"..

I am wondering now if North African Jews like Mark was supposedly, ones who hung around Alexandria and no doubt were quite familiar with ancient Egyptian religious symbolisms like the ankh which is seen all through the pharaoh dynasty hieroglyphics, in Judea at the time of Titus and the fall of the Temple seeing hundreds of crucified Jews on the common Roman low-Tau crucifixion crosses, saw a Mystery, a perversion of the meaning the ankh cross, with a human head as the top part of the low-Tau crucifixion crosses most used by Romans, yet a miracle story of how Jews as individuals following the will of their Father in heaven, represented by Jesus on earth, could become resurrected to eternal life thus passing through the horror of utter defeat at the hands of the Romans.