Book: Beyond Geography: The Western Spirit Against the Wilderness


Fiercely Interdependent
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In a farmhouse, on a farm. With goats.
What a sweeping, erudite, insightful consideration of the advance of western civilization and its infection of and outright assault on traditional, nature-rooted cultures from the Middle-East to the New World. This book is nothing less monumental than an account of the relentless desertification of the human spirit that has been the ultimate result and legacy of the perversion of Christianity from a mystical spirit cult into a state-sanctioned and enforced religion, into the continued degeneration of an economics of exploitation that has consumed the world with insatiable appetites and nervous energy. I would recommend this book highly to those readers whose beliefs and tastes resonate with writers as diverse as Howard Zinn, Wendell Berry, and Derrick Jensen. Frederick Turner is not a polemicist or an academic. While he doesn't approach his history with detachment, he also is clearly aligned with those who are heartbroken and sick over the loss of the natural world and the sacred.