Rich Dad, Poor Dad.


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a figment of your imagination
Might as well talk about the whole series here.

Cashflow Quadrant, Cashflow game, etc.

I believe these books are a great primer for financial education, not the be all end all, he has his notions but great stuff.

ie Your house is not an asset, it is a liablility. Well it is actually your liability and the banks assett, they are the ones making the money. Your house may be an investment, but it is not an asset. (even when it is paid for)

His definition of asset and liability, "Assets provide income, liabilities are expenses." or better yet, "When you are out of work, your assets will feed you and your liabilities will eat you."

The game, I taught it at continuing ed classes at Community Colleges for 5 years...took a break the past couple and am about ready to start again.
The game is a game board, plastic pieces and paper cards, costs $200 and is worth it! The colleges charged $25 for one three hour class, with the description. Financial Education thru the CashFlow Game - "Spend $25 and three hours playing a game to learn whether you want to spend $200 to have one of your own." I never lacked students and most wanted to buy the game by the time they were done.

The problem is finding 4 or 5 others to play with you...hence it is now online.