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I tried to post a thread in the belief and spirituality section
and was told to wait for approval by a moderator.

Did the post get rejected, because I dont see it anywhere?
p.s. If it did get rejected, was it because of the math+science+philosophy content was a little too heavy?
I don't see the thread either code, so I'm not sure what happened to it. Perhaps it is only visible to the admin, I, Brian. If the post had a link in it that would perhaps explain why it went into moderated status. There is a post minimum (ten, I think) before you are allowed to use links.
You have only posted these two posts, sometimes on forums when you are new and you do things such as attach files, start threads and so on and so forth they need to be approved by a mod or admin... This could be the case.
Try posting in already established threads for a while, before you go starting new threads.
I went ahead and approved the post, not sure why it was in the mod que, but then I didn't look very close at it.

BTW, welcome aboard, c0de!
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Thanks for the Intell guys. And thankyou juajntoo3 for approving the post.

btw Bobx, I understand your concern, you obviously dont want a flood of useless posts by newbies on your forum. The reason why I was quick to start a new thread was because I joined the forum just to get some opinions on the argument I posted.

But I have been looking around, and I actually am impressed by the level of high discussion here. I am now planning on taking a much more active interest.
Hm, curious - let me know if you're still getting it and I'll modify the anti-spam filters. Sounds like there may be something from your ISP or IP that's flagging the filters by accident.