My Jesus can beat up your Jesus

Perhaps it is just something similarly unexplainable and bizarre as the running of the bulls during the annual festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain, or the endless wars in Africa. Or, of course, the gay parade extravaganza during the annual Mardis Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Was just about to post something on this - pretty sad state of affairs, though.
A post by one estrella (link below):

Today, a little book for children caught my attention. I found it quite striking, I think that people might see different meanings in this little text, but I thought it would be worthwhile to put it here! (I translate it, so it does not reflect the real "beauty" of the text, but I hope some of the essence comes through.)

Once upon a time
there was a king
who was called "Me"
and who was bored
because he was all alone
lost in the crowd
of other little kings -
all of them named "Me".
Just like himself!
And that wasn't fun at all
because all those little kings were crying, shouting, calling:
"Me Me Me me ME ME me me mE ME.....!"

The little king named "Me"
Turf fights common among Christian sects
Six Christian sects divide control of the ancient church. They regularly fight over turf and influence, and Israeli police are occasionally forced to intervene.


Sounds like a bad neighborhood to me. :D :D
In the West it is recognised that one of the biggest setbacks to a true catholicism of the Church is the nationalism that dominates the Patriarchates.

This is not uncommon. It's the underlying motive of the Reformation, after all, and it's there in all man's social and cultural activities, so we should not be too surprised to see it rear its head on occasion within the religious community.

We can only hope and pray that the spiritual leaders of those involved move quickly to address the problem.

BTW, reading the link, I frankly found the bit about the ladder on the ledge very funny!

But overall, a cause of sadness.